There are folk who will compare

Tory Dave with Tony Blair

But Tone gave what he thought he could

While Dave saves what he thinks he should.

Politicians are foolish if they hope for gratitude

So what we must expect - and get - 

Is platitude after platitude.

Trained in speaking endless tosh

Without any real meaning

Each speech scanned and vetted

Via very careful...

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Living the Eternity

You walk
You stand
You speak
Then you are quiet
You love
You hate
You fight
You make peace
You cry
You laugh
You live
You die
And you live again

You inhale so many lifetimes,
Your home is the universe,
Your time is eternity.

Words you speak are never silent,
Deeds of yours are never unseen,
Steps you take never fade,
Emotions you share always felt.

We often ask the questi...

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Tags: butterfly,eternity,fight,hate,love,music,river,words,world

Mr Sad

Host to an unwilling heart

across which

a memory of of love

has never left its signature

only words

of self sacrifice

and lovelessness



the empty grate

where embers

of a fire

having given

every flame

to solitude

lie umourned.


blown and scattered


on sorrows

silent breaths

ghosting the soul

with sc...

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Thirsty For Love


The taste or iron
lingered on my lips 
Hot cherry red 
Dripping down my chin
Your neck pierced 
By my sharpened daggers
Called fangs
They dripped a mixture 
Of blood and venom
Your taste on my tongue
Made it hard to stop 
Extracting that sweet
Warm body fluid
I kissed your neck
As I watched you 
Change into one of us
A predator 

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Tags: bloody love,eternity

The loss of you

The loss of you

The day I lost her, all that she meant
The day I lost her, the day that she went
I cried the loss, of a true friend that day
I cried the loss, when she went away. 
Sadness and sorrow, has broken my heart
Now that you've left us, to sadly depart
Taken to early, just age 43, 
The prime of your life, taken from me,
The world is now grey, the colour has gone
Now you've be...

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Tags: bereavement


It’s always been a favourite pastime of mine

To overthink - to the point

That reality jumps off the nearest bridge

In wild desperation of some cool respite


And with it, holding hands in brave solidarity,

My singed and sorry sanity.


Humility is not long after, for

I’m afraid, these all-consuming flames

Are self-centred, self-absorbing;

Burning everything ...

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O little ones, do slumber down

Upon your feather beds

As darkness falls, the time has come

To rest your weary heads.


My darlings, come it's getting late

Relax your tired eyes

The sandman he is calling you

From dream-filled, magic skies.


So, now my dears, let's drift away

Whilst counting bounding sheep

Wee Wullie Winkie's coming soon

To check that you'...

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Tags: children,love,Lullaby


There was a hole

In the page 
I fell through
Paper thin cracks
And shards
Of dripped
And wasted ink
Flooded my pores
And pained 
My flesh
As the lost ideas
Of women
And men
Wept their way
Down my spine 
And the world 
From below
The whole of the
Was a papier-mâché 

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