I moved your old letter

From my old jacket

Into my new jacket

You're still with me 

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Also by Becka Brush:

Dye |


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(Something for Hallowe'en.  Thought I'd posted this previously but it must have been on FB)


He was playing in defence in a World Cup game

When he suddenly said, “What in Heaven’s name!”

The pain he felt made his blood run colder

He saw he was missing a chunk of his shoulder

It was The Gnash

It was The Monster Gnash

There was a clash

And he was rather rash

A ...

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Also by John Coopey:

Our Gert She's Not a Drinker |

Poem: Sator Squares

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It’s very surprising that “SATOR Squares”

seem to appear everywhere

the mighty Roman army had gone;

can they together, really belong?

Can anyone else see

inside this puzzle’s mystery?

It’s been learned that it’s not a game

and a truth, always remains the same.

Known is the square’s earliest evidence –

Can it be a mere coincidence,

that it was found in ...

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The tiny harbour baked under the merciless sun. On the low circling quay only a lone table stood before the solitary taverna . In its wedge of shade alongside the eyes of the tourist -stranded till the evening bus - closed..


It was the harsh midday chime that prised them upon the bizarre sight of the six straw-hatted and fawn jacketed old gentlemen gliding spectrally over the ...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Sound advice |

Halloween On Fire

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I arose from the crypt on Friday October 31

Gazed into the mirror - nothing stared back at me

For a vampire on the loose there is a lot at stake

I am totally bewitched as far as I can see

It’s alright to dress up like the devil to frighten folk 

It’s okay on the ghostly streets - in fact it’s a howl

Hammer on doors, play the fool, trick or treat  

Pumpkins light ...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

Look At The Trees | Mad Mad World |

makings of a She-Devil



Lifes stalker

she is going to be

hell bound in deaths stride

sacrificing her soul

on the altar of the anti-Christ.

Tall were the towers now destroyed

tall to the stars

once holding all the goodness

she knows wrongly filled her mind.

She has to rid herself of saintly pasts

tear apart their seams

drunk is every glass of sin

snake tongued she licks th...

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The Onset of Autumn


The straying of the changing days; as the leaves turn brown and whittle, whisper into nothingness but dust in the Autumn wind.

And then the rain comes, from a gentle tap tap to a heavier tat tat, and rattles and fizzes intense against the fragile canvas that guards me; as the conkers crack and the acorns fall, and the night’s grow dark and cold; they last so long,...

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Tags: autumn,experiences,portrait,seasons

Foot Soldier

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Foot Soldier.

We were sent to fight a war
that we didn’t believe in,
knowing that there would be
civilian casualties.
Paid a pittance
to be on the front line
facing hostiles every day.
Privately hating
the faceless generals
who stayed hidden
in the bunkers
giving their orders.

Many were wounded,
left for dead,
injured in ways
that civilians
wouldn’t understand -
because s...

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Tags: 'bankers','good' banks,anti-bank,anti-war,bank clerk,soldier,unfair target

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Damned as a horde of poachers and drinkers

the big money had spawned, they dug their way

through rocks and sodden clay. Encamped like tinkers,

only their brass was missed when they picked up sticks,

following the line to another day

of mindless graft, squalor, suspicious looks.

From those whose curtained lives they did not share,

they earned scant praise for laying down the f...

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Also by David Cooke:

The Leaving Cert | Tamla Motown | Paying the Price | Cities | Bamboo |


I just want to give up

All of this pain, life is not worth

To know that life will come to an end

I ask for a friend

With a willing hand to lend

He says Faith will carry you through

But what if I lack this trait and im confused

After this statement, no one has a clue

I consistantly ask, what am I to do

For I am stuck like glue

Needing to rely on Faith, not knowing exac...

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Also by Quinnay Collier:

Life is Pain |

What I'd Do For You

Give you a thousand roses and a thousand violins
A thousand manned choir to sing you a thousand hymns
Light up a thousand stars in the image of your face
Give me a thousand wishes and I'd wish most of the same
Nine hundred ninety-nine wishes, I'd wish for one more day
To spend with you, then change my wish when my last wish came
On the thousandth wish, I'd wish for a thousand more
Wishes, t...

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Tags: love,love poems,romance,romantic

It Is What It Is

It is what it is,

It was what it was,

It will be what it will be,


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my cat she.s at it agen

runnin mad like a rabid hen

wots she up to i.d like to know

scatterin dust......  layin tracks with her speedy run

how come SHE gets to have so much fun


oh my god she.s caught that dammed fly

av bin after that since last july

come ere puss ere.s yer treat

arf a tin of salmon un wipe yer feet





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Also by jean lucy thompson:

Its Called the Universe |

Do you remember Heart and Soul?

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I was Inspired to write this remembering my friends and I vowed we’d never change and that music would be the one thing that we would hold on to. Then after some years, I felt that I’d grown up and this wasn’t true, it was childish. Then later I realised that the one thing I only ever wanted to hold onto was the music. It formed me and my mates and it bound us together. It is the one thing...

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Tags: sola manchester closer joy division

Also by dazzer:

gERm FrEE HaiKu | 222 | THE COSTA COFFEE | Deansgate Bridge | If Cameron came to my house. |



I wrote this in January, 1967, in protest at a bishop proposing to bless a nuclear weapon submarine, carrying the then nuclear weapon Polaris. I believe I submitted it to the editor of Peace News, but do not think it was published. Apologies for irregularities of metre and rhyme!


'At Birkenhead, on the twenty-fifth of February,

I'll be chug, chug, chugging across on the ferry,


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Tags: Faith,Politics

Ode to the Muse (aka Sexual Harassment in the Workplace)

Fiona is such a good Christian

Humble, mild and meek

Whenever I pinch her on the bum

She turns the other cheek

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It was Charlie who brought them together

And once they realised it, well it was never going to last forever.

It was Charlie who was left in the middle.

He was there sun, their moon their rising star.

A child seat in two different cars.


Mum and dad now both see Charlie in two separate ways

Mum every morning for school and evenings occasionally when out in the 'pool.


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Although at speed

my destination

is hurtling down the line

towards me,

it is'nt fast enough!


And reflecting

on my wasted time away

is pointless.

It begs to be relegated

to the swell of unwanted thoughts.


Coming into the station

a porter moves from right to left

without actually moving

followed by the name of my town

spelling itself out

in th...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Avoidance of Scotch mist | Mrs.Blahblah | message for the EVIL | No longer on the ball |


''Is that all that there is?'' All that there is- "is", and "is" is all that is there. ''all that is there is there?'' all that there "is" there is there ''is that all that there is?'' all that is there is all that there is.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

it | Words without plays | I never sleep when... | Semi tone | in bits |

Poem in The Open Mouse

Well, I never - poem by Joseph Robert:

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a pair of brown shoes

A Pair of Brown Shoes


I once slapped my brother across the face,

it hurt me more than him, the palm of

my right hand is still red.

You see, we lived in a small flat- I had bought

a pair of shoes, they were un-walked in and shiny;

was going to put them on that Saturday evening

to impress my friends; but my brother beat me to it.

I was so furious I cried; “it is only ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

mortality | (untitled) | Texas | debris | dictators and others | the loss | equines | stone stallion | the precious |

Love Isn't


Love isn’t some little thing that goes ding!

It isn’t a song that you can sing.

It’s not something that might happen in a flash,

It doesn’t happen while driving and cause you to crash.


Love isn’t something tangible, something you can see,

It's pretty much invisible, to both you and to me.

It’s something that will join us and hold us together,

It’s a ...

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Also by Steve:

Mother |

She's always been there


She's exposed, I suppose, but who knows,
What's going on in her mind?
She's vulnerable, like a candle,
Sometimes I can’t handle,
She can burn you and turn you,
With the flame, is she insane?
Physically drain my brain and cause me pain,
But it’s not meant, her mind is not bent, but it’s spent,
Take the time, make the time, don't leave it too late for time,
Coz time won't wait, ...

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Come Sunday

While you


your kitchen

on Sunday morning


an old woman

knocked at your



She’d moved

here yesterday

and had made

you a pie

of apple and



To say hello.

To calm her from

loneliness and fear.


But you

missed her.


Your powerful

Headphones played

‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’


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Happy Hallowe'en!!!

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Happy Hallowe’en!!

I won’t get up for less than murder
I have a diet of rotting flesh
My favourite drink is a bloodbath
No sleep until the world is a mess!

I’m very handy with a chainsaw
Cutting off limbs and severing heads
I start the slaughter after breakfast
To increase my tally of deaths!

Frankenstein has nothing on me
Dracula, or Jekyll and Hyde
Get on the ghost train o...

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Also by Jeffarama!:

A Hundred Years - What have we learned? |

Where our hearts and eyes meet (across the Bosphorus sea)

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We cross roads
and plains
Think we will never
See that face again

That lit up a runway
Finally shot our heart down

But in the mist of time
I finally found
What was always mine 

Just across the Bosphorus sea
That’s where my heart
And our eyes meet 

As gentle as the call to prayer
As gentle as knowing you are there 

Just across the Bosphorus sea
That’s where our hearts
And eyes meet


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Also by David R Mellor:

DYLAN THOMAS (on the 100th anniversary of his birth) |

I feel free.

If the soul lives on after the death of the body, then Jack Bruce

might well be saying today: 'I feel free; free of the rigours

and restrictions of mortality.'

I hope this happens to me when I die so I'll be free to visit

that hippy city of San Francisco as it was between 1967-70.

This is it with immortality, you can visit wherever you want to

in history. Lots of vibrant psychede...

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Tags: 'Politician'.,1967-70,CREAM,Jack Bruce,Pete Brown

Also by Phil Fletcher:

Psychic surgery and me. | The call of a cuckoo. | There's a gas chamber across the way from me. | 'Charles (Salvador) Bronson' and Me. | Hot and Wet. |


When you think you're so poor you've no pot to piss in

Turn back to days past - log on and put this in!

There was a time - and glad lives were led

That needed a piss pot under the bed

Rich was the life that owned its plain china

Or a Spode commode...was anything finer?

If you think you're poor now with much that is missing,

You won't be regretting you've no pot for pissing!


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Sticking out my tongue

as if an upturned palm

testing for rain,

I taste the cinder-like city air

candle warm and fetid,

fast-food smears

vivid pavement art

inspected closely by critical pigeons.

The incessant traffic clank

Squealing, caterpillaring slowly,

microbes inching through concrete arteries

depositing a toxic cholesterol

upon the ancient stones.

Here ...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Colourless | Faith | Marsden | Astrolabe |

Poor Street

They’re partying down in Westminster,

fiddling with our money,

taking care of Number One,

it’s a land of milk and honey.

Fine dining on expenses,

whining on at costs,

profiting from poverty,

their gain is our loss.

Cos’ ends don’t meet,

on Poor Street,

debts keep piling higher,

families queue at food banks,

hard drugs breed like fire.

They’re stampi...

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Also by Shirley-Anne Kennedy:

Lest We Forget |

The final frontier

Let's make the most of space because
we're running out of room,
it’s gone too far, it's gaining pace,
altering the idiom:
in cooking space and living space
our breathing space to come,
one day we will be lost in space
because there is no room.

In spaces women come and go
talking of Michelangelo.


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Cashflow Fiasco


Shares fall,

brought low;

lying little Tesco.

Top guys?

Porky pies!

Jackanory stats.

Imaginary futures,

greedy little…


Tesco, uh oh!

Pants on fire.

Tongues as long as a telephone wire.

Cashflow fiasco;

Pinocchio noses.

Standardised carrot size?

Shove it

where the sun don’t…


Tesco swing low,

all fall down.

All the credibi...

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Also by Laura Taylor:

Winter Belly Love Poem |

And I will be Boudicca

Ah! So that is what you've done!


was your Tac


Inserted yourself


MY body

MY mind

Blinded to the child

holding the crystal


Feels like

A warm breeze

Looks like

Green reeds in water

Sounds like

Children's laughter

I am diving in 


                 Clear bell


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The Old Oak Door

Stumbling through the cream papered corridor

The ruby red rug shuffling under my Wholly odd socks

peppered in specks of gold

like an Alice in Wonderland dream

There is no Alice, this is no dream

The red rug ends merging to the old oak door.

Now etched in green.


Darkness awoken by the dimly lit lamp

Casting a shadow in the role of a stranger tracking their victim ...

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Also by Quiet Comet:

Footprints |

Slaughter House Sweet Slaughter House

“That was delicious” you say,

Walking and leaving me behind - swaddled in the duvet like a pig in blanket.

“You’re sweet” you say,

“You look tasty” you say,

After we wine and dine.

I’m fresh, young, to be stored in your cellar till I ferment,

To be fruitful, baring you juicy and ripening purple grapes;

Your final course.

Did you mistake me for the banquet?


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Tags: abuse,consent,hierarchy,meat,Metaphor,rape,sexual exploitation,vegetarian

Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

Why I kill magpies. | Scoliosis | Blink |

Getting Up

A reflective piece about looking for truth/ meaning in life, trails and tribulations and all that fun.  It's all about the performance really so have a listen here. :)

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Tags: getting up,recovery,rhyme,rythmic

Waiting for Nancy (VII)

entry picture

Top heavy in Irish Stew
From an amazing gig
The night before
My arrival to our 7th adventure
Was delayed with Cathy’s younger cat
Deciding it didn’t like Extreme Metal
And ran into the other
Resulting in World War 3
Round the back of the TV, 

And me getting to the bus stop
Minus my bus pass
And heading back into the flat
To walk into Round 2
With both of the Cats
Spitting at e...

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Also by Gray Nicholls:

Waiting for Nancy (VI) | Waiting for Nancy (V) | Waiting for Nancy (IV) |


Wrinkles tell a story

Blue spider veins protruding

A ginger walk

Eyes that are piercing

Wiser, with wisdom

Weak body, quip mind

Survival through the changing tides

Delicate hands

Love that’s morphed, as life evolved

Exemplary Role Model

Resilience to any pain cast upon

A plethora of great memories

Stronger than most

Knowledgeable by way of experience


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Also by Outside of Comfort :

Shadow | At that Time | Baby Girl | Little Sisters |


At the end of a day without a second’s rest

Exhausted from pressure and all sorts of tests

Normality is something I cannot seem to find

Trudging through the streets nearly blind from

the sunlight giving way, ending the cold wet day

If the people weren’t enough, the night comes along to kill

Even warm in bed death brings its’ chill


At the centre of everything we liv...

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Poem 15 of 230:  TOREO

I’m a fan of the Spanish way -
    I like their houses and their food;
But there is one thing I must say -
    Their bullfights do upset my mood.

The matadors may be brave folk,
    And the tradition an old one;
But what must also be spoke
    Is - the bulls’ pain before they’re done.

(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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Risky business

The messaging boy rode his bike hands-free
past the house where the man slew his parents.
Oblivious, the boy was hungry for life.
The man was hungry for death.

It's a risky business having children.
They do dangerous things,
cycling helmet-less along busy roads
both hands and both eyes
on the fascinating phone. 
They do dangerous things
like knifing you

Those children.

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Pre-SocialMedia Times

A moment.

These days it's hard to have one
without feeling the need to share
every one with everyone.

Update it
       Tweet it
               Insta- it
                    'til we bleed.

How does this look?
         Who should we tag?
                 Where should we ping?

We've become factory workers
tasked with packaging our most worthy moments.

Keeping the extreme -
the h...

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Tags: facebook,instagram,social media,twitter

King Only of Fools

Nobody, Likes the Pious



     Do you think Mr Cameron,

Do you really think you’re above pain?

Do you think Mr Duncan Smith,

Do you believe you’re an isolated case

     Of rage?

Do you see like I,

The Syrian Children

Sleeping between corpses

Of dad and ma,

Do you, in full

Conservative fashion,

Rebuke the cries of war?


Are you reall...

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In Memoriam KS

If I had to sum up my father
I would choose this single word: "Care".
No nails undriven, shoelaces untied were ever left,
There was always good food and a table set.

He used to struggle with words himself, 
But his actions sent the message instead:
“As long as you see me around
You have nothing to worry about. 

His soul was hidden like a cool stream,
Seeking its path under fores...

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Also by Cecilia Kovacs:

KS (Emlékére) | Emerge |

Now I know

entry picture

You were wrong to underestimate me.
You were wrong to not have any faith in myself and my success.
You were wrong to say the things you've said.
You were wrong to bring me down.

Although, while you were wrong
for everything you've did.
I cannot fully blame you
for my sadness you've caused.
For, I was also in the wrong.

I was wrong to believe
every word that you spoke.
I was wrong to let...

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Tags: beleif,bullying,fail,now i know,sucess,wrong,your words

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Captured within my Darkness | Three weeks with you. | Dear J. | Barbie is fake, Beauty is real | Friendship over Love | Let me be the one | I've seen it, dreamed it, and thought of it, but never felt it. | The time has come. | Save me! | Playing with the heart | Let there be love! | Together again feels like a dream | One Day | All good things must come to an end | Through an arthurs words a beauty is seen | Inspiration? | No one knows | One Life, three time periods | Don't live or forget, but learn from the past. | Death of a loved one. | Need me like I need you | Made me Believe | Poetry | Chasing Love | Great Sadness, Little Happiness. | To be YOUR best | Never did I Thought | 24 days before Christmas | Two in One | Day to Night | What I love about myself. | Expectation | All I'll be is me | A letter to you... | With You.... | No Guarantee | Always the same.... | R.I.P MY HEART | LIFE... | Dear Brother | L..O..V..E.. | You took my Heart | Lost Child | Ones' Face | No Voice | New and Improve | When you find.. | Mommy Please | Your Meaningless Love | The Monster in me | My Ghostly brother..??? | Listen |


You have to be
Of the world 
Which wraps itself
Around you
I don't mean
So much
The womb
Or the tomb
Or even 
The nuts and bolts
I mean 
The bits 
The pieces 
We're usually
Too busy 
To notice
Because often
They're the little 
And symbols
The hidden robots
And secret assassins 

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Also by Twilbury Wist:

mountains and mole hills | The shove | sink, swim or make do | Waiting in Line | Forever | fragile |


Abstract anxiety eats at razor thinned shins,

Anguish engulfs lost and last,

Previous pretenses portray pessimistic pain,

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Tags: abstract,change,life,lost,love,surreal

Also by John H.:

Life's Lost Life | Transitions | Voided | Last Life | Life's Lost Sense of Direction | Free Write - Little Souls | Free write #1 |


I’m unsettled while I’m out;
my whiskers twitch. I dare not doubt
some threat awaits my every turn.
And so I hasten my return;
get done what I need to do
as quickly as I’m able to.

Washed and fed I then repair to
my lamp-lit and book-strewn armchair;
one I built with wood and foam
and made the focus of my home.
Once ensconced though, I begin
to think my stock of pleasures thin,


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Also by Travis Brow:


On one blank piece of paper

I really cared I swear I did I try to relive all of the happiness we were so true. I hope he takes care of everything I couldn’t grasp like the way your hair would flash i know he sees it too. The flowers i never sent are locked away with repent where did I spend my time. Looking back words i hate it the past keeps evading my eraser I wish you could mend my mind. Around this time last year you s...

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Also by iLmm:

Candles | Beautiful Discover |

Our Life is Short

entry picture


It seems you forgot:
Our life is short.
There is no time to beg or…
Extort for support.
Learn how to live yourself.
Take a book from the shelf 
And…delicately leafing page after page
You will find a wood sage:
People are like books,
With different outlooks.
Some of them are good,
Some of them are bad,
Some of them are just mad,
Some of them are not sassy,

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