At Play

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Such beauty, leaning her back against me,
Her floating hair;
Its smell – all over me, into me. 

I find my way through her hair
To her neck;
A gentle bite, a soft suck.

My arms wrap around her waist.
Her eyes close,
She grabs my hands and lets out a gentle moan.

My tongue travels the length of her neck
To her cheek
It finds way into her mouth.

And all my senses
Are at play.


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Tags: bare,ignite,intensity,love making,passion

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Northern Soul

Red brick ravines,

flagstone fences,

grey grit carpets,

smoking snow.


Extinct mill chimneys,

boarded windows,

paint tagged walls,

stolen moor.


Grass littered pavements,

starched railings,

mattress splattered entries,

living poor.


Hardened not beaten,

economy weakened,

cut and exposed,

northern soul.

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Creative life-writing class starting in Todmorden

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I'm starting a writing class in 2 weeks time in Todmorden. Branching out into teaching and running workshops in creative writing is a new venture for me, and I'm really looking foward to this first big crack at it. If you are in Tod or the Calder Valley have a look at this, and get in touch if you fancy coming! Hopefully appearing on the Gig Guide soon.

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Hive Mind: Ariels I

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Ariel death encoded penalty,

     Bombs speaking wind's hollow soul eclipse of life's forgotten people memory, No truer words were ever spoken in the balance of escaping the hate algorithm of violence imbued by greed's ongoing world submission conflict, Doubt of the endless white moral labyrinth eroded into grey disposable trenches where the only threat is a pacifist's hive theoretical min...

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Ancient anticipations

Light is going

sleep coming

to slow

and shade colours


Moons pallor


on clouds

lies pale

on my pillow

as it arches

towards dawn


Rhythms of slumber

closing eyes.

Drowsiness powdering

into dreams.


A letting go

of the old day.

A late thankfulness

for the needy deliverances

of tomorrows.


No matter how frail


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The collaborator

He and his wife ran a high class grocery shop

and I was often outside looking in absorbing

rarefied air of middle class living, that was till

his wife saw me and shushed me away.

War came, the window display got a bit thinner

by now there was also a sprinkling of officer of

the occupying army. A grocer hear things and it

can, if whispered in the right ear, ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

a leonine moment |



I am bored with hardship of life

If it was a person I could have sturbbed with a knife

My family showcasing to me no more love

My lady saying am a hardko in love

I felt bitter andheartbroken coz of love

And I wish I had not fallen at all

Coz I would be better off now than all

That is when my phone rang

Tuww tuwwi a sign of a message it sang

The moment ...

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Also by kerry kipsome:



(This piece is based on a hotel experience I had that I posted a 'review' on TripAdvisor about; the hotel, not my experience in it.)


Feeling unutterably lonely in a room filled with emotional pain,

outside the wind is blowing cold and hard and rain lashes mercilessly

against the window panes.

I'm in a hotel but it feels more like an icy hell.

Waves of nameless terror are sweep...

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Tags: arctic blizzards,evil entities,fire doors,soul cancer,tents

No Reason

The day seems a good bit colder now,

Casting blue light through the windows.

And I just don’t seem to have the energy,

To get up—go on—continue.

I know things won’t get better,

I no longer can believe.

Today I found no reason not to leave.


When times were rough in the past,

I had you to keep me strong.

But now my bed seems rather large,

And the nights se...

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Tags: depression,melody,suicide

The Burden

And we pour 
Our souls
From shrunken lives 
Withering vessels
To hold 
Heads high
And salute 
Whilst the hard earned
Drips from
Our skin
Our eyes
Until we turn it
Into silver and gold
And some of us
About working 
And some of us
Grumble about the 
Of not working
And all of us 
With getting
So many things
Bleeding back

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Odin vækker mig

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I feel your presence everywhere.

The wind blowing the branches of trees,

leaves falling from the branch to go with the wind,

The Raven that is flying in the air,

The un-answerable reason why I have answers for things I have no knowledge of,

The first breath I take in the morning,

The sunlight that shines on my face,

The wind that blows when it is too hot,

The forma...

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Tags: norse