Wake Up Calls

I wake up scared, afraid to face the stairs.

Your smile reminds me we’ve but one story.


I worry if the shower’s water's up

my nose, down my throat, fills my chest, drowns me.

You laugh: do not bathe standing on your head.


Ah, yet razor risks my neck, my chin.

Your hand soft on my face says just don’t shave.


My double sigh now shuffles back to bed,


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Eternal Infancy

No matter how many years are added to my life,

I will always be a child.

For in Your presence- it is all I can be.

Though infancy is not to my memory

I can feel it overwhelm me as though it is all I have ever known

Grabbing for Your pinky,

Drawing nearer and nearer to You,

At the approach of all that is new

Of all that is strange

Of all that troubles me

Gazing with u...

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Tags: child of God,christian poetry,eternal infancy,God's love,Heavenly Father,relationship with God

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Stone Among Clay | A Noun in White Open Space |


Why did I attend that event, Why did I even talk to you

At the verge of cursing the day I met you

Warm memories gashed through my mind

Rushing through my heart

I smiled


I regret meeting you.


Did I not enjoy your company

 We made endless promises to each other

Holding hands, sharing secrets in the park, strolling by ...

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'10 Stars For Camp.'

There's a new young alpha male in the 'I'm A Celebrity' camp;

he's a real champ' in every way: kind, considerate, and a hit

with the ladies as well as the men. I'm a bit in love with him

myself, he's so manly; and last night he proved himself worthy

of the stamp: 'Alpha Male' by winning 10 stars for camp.


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Tags: alpha male,bush tucker trial,Jake Quickenden,role model

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This is MY Space

Get the fuck out of my bed

I thought shouted.


This is my space



"How would you like me to stay over again?"

You said

I replied thoughtlessly

"That would be nice".


Then you starfished yourself across my comfort

Snored and hammered your way into my borders

Split my head open into endless fits of restless panic.


I suppose...

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My Main Regret

I wish we'd never met 
In a country world famous for its
Strong & delicious beer*
It (not me) gave you the wrong idea

*cheap too at the time

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Also by cbyrne:

Art | My Romantic Poem |




Obscene capitalism

Can best be observed

At Christmas


Midwinter festival

Larder full we share our

Luck with our nearest


Christmas is the devil’s revenge

He was never invited

Now he gives us hell with glitter.   



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Misdoings of ago

THEN,has left

ten years stained

with bruisings.

THEY,can't be

washed away.


left mewling

on some Church step.

Perhaps better,

their being parcelled

in reparativeness

and left

in a forgiving

corner of my life


a mutual understanding

unwraps itself.

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The Door

-the ramblings of another young girl-


  My whole life I have had this wall,

it has protected me from the inevitable fall.


  But then with three tiny words,

that wall was torn down

by my new favorite sound.

and I knew that with your beautiful voice 

whispering to my soul,

I was no longer bound.


  With my protective wall 

now lying ...

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Also by .L.m.P.:

Tears of agony and pain.. |

Beautiful creatures


In our world of innocence and light,
We live amongst demons and sinners,
In our world of silence and comfortableness',
We have lost, and they become winners,

But we are the beautiful creatures,
The timeless souls of verse,
We can nourish and feed ourselves,
In our script we self immerse,

We can make all the bad disappear,
And write of a life surreal,
But alas our open hearts fail...

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Also by tina:

I died inside | The Shame | The top of the world |

The Devil Be In Our Ignorance

The Devil Be In Our Ignorance


     We balk at the treatment of children,

When shouts upon the Dark Continent label

Them as witches,


Here in Europe,

Here among the Christians who

Claim the higher ground,

     The copper coloured top

Upon a babe, can signal superstitious ways,


     Some will shout a blasphemy,

Some will clearly m...

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Tags: Superstition.

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Waking Moments | No-one Really Understood Until the Blood Sapped From Their Face! | Seasons of Blood and Humanity's Cloth |

Body Trap

The shallow grave sank.
A quantity of gasses, liquids, soft tissues
the earth above

Stolen vegetables in belly
(motives for the killing)
along with her eyes
along with her skin
into one subsidence.

Still buried were the snapped spine,
scream-splayed jaws
and claws that grasped at crushing bars.

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Also by Alex Smith:

Last butterfly of 2014 |

Count to five

Just a bit of fun...

'Breathe in deep and count to five'
are things that can be done
Especially when you're twenty
And you're living with your mum...

'Move your shoes' 'Comb your hair'
'You can't go out like that'
Mum although I LOVED those times...
I thought we'd got through that.

A time for chats and sharing tales
about my childhood that has been
I fear for you it is the case

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Also by Fae:

Textures of shame | Bedtime |


that night, I woke and remembered 
wrapped in grief 
in the tangle of my sheets
I couldn't sleep 
I wound your old sweater round my neck 
sinking in 
breathing in the very scent of you

by the lake, gusts of wind stirred the leaves
the shivering trees
flashing lights from passing cars lit the shallows
shoals of ghostly fish slid by  
like traffic on a neon-lit motorway 

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Tight rope

All sides, when darkness me envelop
Hopelessly, when unthinkable seems hope
A chimera, when the abyss
With saw-like teeth yawns
Expectant me to drop,
To cling on, to cross over
There is a tight rope
God-for a single second
That doesn't stop
To emerge atop
Every problem that pop!

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Tags: Death valley,Frustration,God,Hope,king David,Spiritual

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Waiting for Nancy (XI)

entry picture

Sinking into a silent likeness
In the mist
Our 9th adventure
The day after the 8th again
Should have been
A lovely afternoon walk
Across the Roman lakes
In Marple
Near where my second girlfriend
Lived many years ago,

Should have been
A lovely train ride
All the way down
To Marple
And through Romiley
Where I would have relayed
My infamous stories
About the old forum there.


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Talikin' late night, buy it now, extended warranty, consumer durable blues.

entry picture

Possibly the best comedy on TV is to be found late night/early morning on the shopping channels...if you've never watched then I suggest you take and evening out of your life and dedicate it to this pursuit.




 Last night a crazy dream came to me,

I dreamt I bought a comfortable settee.

When I sat down the very next day,

All the springs on the bottom gave way.

I gue...

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Tags: david wolfe waste of fucking time and money

This Town

entry picture

I brush stones off cheap earthworks

marred in wretched waning light

in bars of concrete, platforms drift

and I climb, skirt a boundary.


True, they drift, and I a drifter

for four days now, take heart

(what little I can) from the sun

that broke the boats through glare.


Now shade, the evergreen snaps

borders straight rule I descry

fringing the house on the h...

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Tags: 2014

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Palisade | Late Night Special |


entry picture
Poem 57 of 230:  MANCHESTER - A GIST

Sports, large warehouses and merchants are the gist -
    A centre for distribution and trade,
Plus making goods and services for this list;
    Well placed, in these, it seems, the future’s laid.

Oh - I should note the entertainment trade,
And that, from fruit and grain, fine foods are made.

(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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Drawn to you

I am drawn to your face

your picture speaks to me

As moistened fingertips, pressing

against your lips, seeking entry

your eyes locked with mine

I trace the lines

to soften the blows

life may have dealt you.

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It hurts when you want to help and believe...

Realising the reality of  "practice to deceive"...

The person with a dog and proffered cup -

The ingratiating smile that says "cough up".

Not quite sure of what is true,

Or whether the need is in them or you?





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Tags: beggar

Also by M.C. Newberry:



entry picture



There was a great ditch

And an avenue of trees

Leading directly

From the busy town

To the cemetery’s silence

Ornate gates sick with rust

Relics of grander times

When they marked the way

To ancient Plascrug

Back and forth we jumped

Across the weed choked water


There was a Scout Hut

Near a playground

A row of park benches

Where we s...

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Tags: Aberystwyth,David Subacchi,Liverpool Poets,poetry,Welsh Poets

A friend of a friend of a friend

After our morning paddle

and a thumbs up from Alfie

we played with cut-out paper dolls.

This is what makes me very British,

me too,

bah humbug!

it’s only taken two years.


© Graham Sherwood 11/2014

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Ragged flags of steam astir
atop the flats and office blocks,
and sudden flurries chased about
like edgy Lilliputian flocks.

Heat, by turns, a luxury
of ever-escalating cost,
and underfoot and overall
a fractal bloom of numbing frost.

Blanket upon blanket drawn
to necks in sanctuary beds,
and penetrating cold reducing
layers to so many shreds.

Breathy slumbers whiten blackened

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The Dream

entry picture

The following is a dream. In a small way I hope the ending comes true



My Mother, Sister, Brother and I check into a hotel room.

When we enter the room my Dad who passed away

almost five years ago is sitting on the bed.


We ask, "Daddy why are you here?" He says "I wanted to

see my family." We are overcome with emotion and hug

him. We are all talking at once.


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Tags: Dream,Family,Father


entry picture

Sky dancers

en masse.


naturally choregraphed


of charcoal'd participants

as one

before fracturing

into thousands.



raining down.

Leaving behind

the death of twilight.


Filling trees

with chatter


merging into 

the singularity

of blackness.


It is in car parks,

shopping centres


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Last Orders

entry picture

Last Orders

I come on Thursday, sit on wooden chair
where poets congregate in strange half light,
sharing their thoughts with those who gather there -
the words are spoken, soaring, shining bright,
warming us as we leave to face the night.
The bear pit darkens, but forever hosts
the rhyming, raging, ranting, Tudor ghosts.

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Tags: ballade royal form,closure,poetry night,tribute,tudor house,wigan,WOL wigan

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Poem: Intellectual Postulations

entry picture

Sadly, there are many intellectual postulations
that are well meaning, but fatally flawed.
One can only end up with an unholy mixture from…
combining Man’s religious views with God’s Law.

Beyond the constraints of the mental realm,
the human template of thought cannot contain God.
Yet after more than two thousand years of Church,
lessons are still not learned; so it’s not odd…


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Tags: breunig,christian poetry,faith,Intellectual Postulations,poetry

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just enough

for 10 benson

and a scratchcard


my lucky stars


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Also by s black:

every man and his dog |

Beyond the Sub-conscious

entry picture

His fingers waken running through her hair
Only pulling back when she opens her eyes
Blinkered by the yellow sunset like flowers
Dropping consciously across the windowsill
Dangling on like fingers on a balcony
Tied up in invisible chains across derelict moods
Journeying beyond invisible emotions
Streaming conscious all over the place
Like totally mis-matched kissing
Beyond the sub-conscio...

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Run With Me


I still cant find you, looking around and you're not here. 

You're lost in this word, and Im here on my knees. 

Trying to get where I need to be, So that I'll be there when you find me. 

But until that time, I'll sit and wait, and hope tomorrow brings a brand new day. 

And maybe then, I'll get the chance, to look around and hold your hand. 

To see your face, to make you g...

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Tags: hope,love

'Can I read this out to you?' 'Noooooooo, I've got stuff to do.'

entry picture

Remember last night's tea

when you brought your girlfriend,

and you brought your friend?

And the dog was excited

because he loves it when you are all here

because I am so happy

and I'm like- superwomb?

And I got food delivered

and you were all relieved

because it can be touch and go

with my cooking                

and there was loads to go around


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Tags: care,family,flawed,fleeting moments,love,only human,take-away

Puppets on Strings







None our own devices

in any scheme of things


We all are but nothing

than puppets on strings


With advent designed

for a set time on stage


All expectedly ordained

impossible to rearrange


Often get manipulated

and to probable comply


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Tags: life's reflection

So and so

entry picture

"So" fronts each statement

and question

"So"s deployment needs

greater inspection

as its use is abundant

and grammatically redundant

add to that the rising inflection



words and foto T Carroll

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as Robbie Burns said: | B ro ken m as onr y | The taste of below |


Working 9- 5, what a way to make a living. I hate those words Dolly sings.

Working in an office, I can’t put into words the misery it brings.


Boring old small talk, ‘Nice evening? Nice weekend? Nice lunch?

Listening to the office geek, you know the I.T guy you just wanna punch.


Checking the Daily mail website 72 times a day,

staring at the computer screen, hoping an ...

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I had a text today

telling me I'd won 5k

which news was greeted

by being deleted



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Also by Gareth Glyn Roberts:

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entry picture


Tin to mouth

Tin to feet

One jig to reel

enough to eat


Is he broken, broke, breaking

on the pavement by the station?

Is he played, paid, playing

to his own tune or to yours?


Tin to mouth

Tin to feet

Two jigs to reel

enough to eat


Do you jingle jangle shillings

in your pocket as you’re walking

past the tinsmith making

all th...

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Tags: richpix

Also by Laura Taylor:

Jigsaw |


Can make me a puppet.

You can make me dance

And moan

And shake

And cum literally at the tip of your finger

You make my entire body move with your finger

(and your eyes)

You can make me feel my matter condensing to a single point at the tip of your finger,

I imagine it is glowing.

And sometimes when you’re making love to me

(I’m sorry, I know you hate that ...

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Tags: fire flesh love passion obsession,lesbian,love,sex,sexual awakening

Also by Molly :

(untitled) |

Writers of the third kind workshop

Hi Guys;

little reminder that the writing workshop i co run, writers of the third kind is due for it's latest meet up on weds 19 november 2014 at the sweet green tavern in bolton.

be nice to see a few of you there.

take care

andy n 

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Before the Storm

entry picture

At no age at all you've started to feel

how a life gets mired in memories,

the way each backward glance

is like a noose that tightens.


Across flat versts of muddled terrain

your distant city glimmers –

reduced to a few bright rooms

where you were first indulged


and then became accomplished.

Working through grammars

and the language of flowers,


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entry picture

I sit inside watching the snow fall from the dark grey sky.

I see you, not physically, but mentally.

A memory of us filled each snowflake.

It started out beautiful and high in the clouds.

Then it floated down lessening in beauty and in shape.

Until it eventually hit the hard cold ground shattering and turning into nothing.

I sit and watched our past disappear into the gravel neve...

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its a beautiful thing watching the sunrise and sun set,

but i will forever be a moon child;

most nights i look out my window. lights off, immersed in the fineline music of darkness.

& in my darknest of hours the only light shedded was from the mood;

"i am here...for you.."

many faces i have shown

"i too have many faces.."

when i feel like im surrounded by the unnecessary..


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I want to go because today was hard and I'm too tired to sleep. I can't live here much longer. Business as unusual. Give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give.

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Also by Miss :

Pieces of paper. | P.D. |

Bloody hell

Bloody hell

Reigned down

In bloody mess

Blood stained streaks

Of bloody minded bloodiness

Fill red rose pools

Whilst everyone looks round

 for somebody else to accuse

each claiming God is on their side

But who can say whose blood

Will soak into infest, ingest, ingress

Into the hearts, minds and souls

Of those soul less others


The passion that was dealt


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Also by Martin Elder:

Do it again |

The Marching Kingdom.

The beasts of the midnight shade deepening 
in the tearless night where hearts are opened and skulled. You must be dreaming! 
Lust and anger in the mist! The blue eyes of my age! Sins inflamed on my damned 
soul! The bloody sabbath in clear view, pure and drunken 
towards the marching kingdom. 
My spirit on fire! 
The nest 
of poor innocence where the 
is a mystery.

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Also by Danny Metcalfe:

The moon's fame, child of the sun. | Pséf̱ti̱s. (Short story) |


entry picture

She only wants somewhere to live
Somewhere warm to shelter
Yeah, that would be a start
But giving homes isn’t what we do
Empty cold eyes say it all

Tonight it’s a church doorway
She used to got there as a little girl
And for all it’s epic symbolism
The cross can’t help her now
She dreams, God how she dreams
With faith, hope and determination
Maybe she’ll get there

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entry picture

Through these halls
I walk alone.
In the classrooms
where I sit with many others
I am still, yet alone.
In the Cafateria
the same thing there goes as well
I am there, yet I am not seen.

Alone is where I am
no matter where I go.
I am here, I am there,
I am everywhere.
And standing there
I try to get
your undivided attention
because I am tired
of being in solitary,
yet I continue ...

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Tags: alone,invisible,life,not being sseen,sad


Nascent swimming, undertaking the lunge into reservoirs.

Our third tour of duty for love

I chase the serenade of warmth in your eyes----Balanced perfectly on stout cheeks and lips who utter the slightest phrase will control liberty.

The voice of your channels propel me into quandary.

Continue to hide behind your stare and I will be your audience. The avenues shine in the dark room.


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When Snails Cry

When snails cry

You can see tears

From their tiny eyes.

Eyes out on stalks

Eyes out for walks.

Behind those eyes

Lies a surprise.

No one knows

Their silent pain

But no one is to blame,

Fate plays a cruel game,

The shell of a snail

Makes it lame,

Weighs it down,

Like a pound

But makes no sound.

The voiceless cries

Of snails,

Their sticky membran...

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Tags: Daniel Tavet,humour,nature,snail

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Autumnal Birth ( Hot Cools Down) | Boots of Leather |

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