Spin on This

Politicians mutate words for a covert agenda,

Twisting half-truths into party propaganda.

Reassuring us of change when they get elected,

Then maintain the status quo, leaving everyone dejected.

Blaming their predecessor’s lack of capability,

Creates the denial of their own responsibility.

Working for the voter was never their intention,

In it for themselves, being paid to ask ...

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Precious time...wasted time....sands of time...

All just lost time savagely slipping away 

Like a masochistic god mercilessly ruling over us

No regard for our wants or desires

We beg him to slow down and allow us to revel in a moment

We plead with him to speed up and help heal our hurt

We cry out desperately for just one more day

We come away always ignored

His pace...

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Also by Nicole:

Richard |

February 2016 Collage Poem

entry picture


Jesus went for a rather long walk

Through magpie faeces to the slaughterhouse

In the stench of hate

Hanging with religious gangrene

Cushioned in silent landscapes

Immersed silently with broken hope


Put away like broken dishes

A poetic riddle told what it could be,

Branches creaking like hands clapping

To the answer given.



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Striped and spectorial

entry picture

Coming back

from too much of a party.


The car thirsts to a stop.


We push

attempting to cover the last few yards

of the steeply challenging gradient


trying to reach the teasing top

from where we can have

a long long free wheeling descent

into our village



a badger peers out

from the roadside undergrowth

tilting its head in an inquis...

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from a furnace of fire

my body jettisoned

white hot spume

pranking cinders

kinder kind.

Love turned up in sweat and toil

from flaming suction

in pools of glittering gold

      Fire baby born of desire

      since then the trail grows cold.


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Also by ray pool:


Murmuration pier

In a bitter late winter’s light

On a smoggy backdrop of the sun’s goodnight


Score of arcade pop and sirens sound

Cameras clicking and public astound


Consume the scene, they flock, they swarm

The show is now and now they perform


Like cooling tea in morning sun

They stroke the surface then swirl up as one


Tiny fibres, they vibrate the same

The silent mu...

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Also by Isabel Hope:

The Mixture's right |


seems appropriate
diseased pigeons scoffing crumbs
outside McDonalds



words ©Colin Hill 2016


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Also by Colin Hill:

come rescue me | I had this dream | On Crwbin | little blonde boy blues | "a pillow of winds" | losing things |


carefully i place your ashes in a biodegradable urn

poking a hole like a lunar crater with my trembling

forefinger i carefully slip a pale white ginkgo seed

amidst the charred remains as you had asked me in

tumescent whispers on your final night on earth.

i place the urn on the cruddy windowsill, where the

fugacious sun-beams and my forgetful watering

caused you to grow, in ti...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

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Late pre Winter stroll

Early snow under our shoes

in the death throes of the year.

Tenements dark.

No-one stays up this late.

Above is our only company

the Moon.

Its ancient expression

gifting  silver wizened calm

to rest in our hearts hollownesses.  

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Also by Jemima Jones:

Assuming in mono vision | Towards rejuvenation | Ideal hunk | Void | In the headlights | Dirty girl! |

'86 Orion

Heading south in her MOT failure

We spluttered through villages that blew no litter

Where properties relaxed in landscaped acres

Where 4x4’s cooled on neat red brick

Where the retired mowed and watered

Where greenhouses glinted and horses munched


And when our radiator spewed its last

We stopped in a place called ‘Swan Ellerker’


With its weather veins and pond


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Also by mike watts:

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Me But Not Me

I thought I was strong

When I came across you

Lying dead in a car

And a crowd looking on


I thought I would say

‘Out of the way

she needs CPR’

I thought I would say

'Let me have a go'


I thought I would

Step up to the plate

Be calm and collected

And bring you back,

Let you fight fate


You looked so fine

No mark, just slumped

Eyes closed, ...

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Also by Michael J Piggott:

Comfy | Dog |

Inbetween Stations with David Bowie

entry picture

Laced in memories
There was a love hidden here
Trampled under
old newspapers
Buttoned down
Inbetween Stations.

A beauty laid low
Separated by the past
Drifting across
Winter coloured hills
Freckled in a shellshocked
Fading sunlight.

There was a tenderness
Blowing open mouthed
Crumbling across time
Reflecting how much
They would have
Once been in love.

Colouring in the sky

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Poets Anonymous


My name is John Doe and I’m a poet.

It’s been twenty four hours since I wrote my last one.

It was supposed to be in iambic pentameter,

But it came out in a rash of caesurae and enjambments,

So it scanned like Shakespeare on speed.

I’m trying to do it right, but it’s hard, you know?

Some days I just have to scribble some doggerel,

Or even Christmas card rhymes just to...

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In Crisis

entry picture

Can you spare a bit of change mate?
I'm truly am in need
I don't need a fix of powder
Or an ounce of weed
I need a cup of coffee mate
To help my bones get warm
I need a bed for the night
My sleeping bag's all torn

Can you spare a bit of change mate?
Can't you see me here?
I'm sitting right in front of you
Think I can't see you sneer?
I can't afford a bath mate
I can't afford new clo...

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Tags: Homelesness

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Inequalities of all shades

From late childhood there was one thing that me used to bother
Why my physically challenged carpenter father,
Who with contemporaries a level ground enjoyed never
Though in nimbleness than the fit proves better,
True to cultural dictates, ill treats my domestic chores saddled mother
And heeds not her say though by the sweet of their brow
As responsible parents they were happily bringing ...

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Tags: #gender #wealth #racism #inequality #discriminatio

Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

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goldenrod monologue (02/97/2016)

On days where I'm tired and don't know better, I think about married life, far away from here. There's a soft, warm spot in my head where I leave at sunrise, come home at sunset to hot chicken sandwiches, cold beer, soft kisses on the porch. Cool, clean sheets. Things so far away that I question if I've drifted into the daydreams of someone else.


Maybe I've lost that chance. Maybe I'm tire...

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Tags: a pistol for paddy garcia why would i take you bac

Also by Zach Dafoe:

caps lock purge (02/05/2016) | weren't odessa 3 (01/09/2015) |


Be thankful,

for love letters 

“returned to sender”

with you the target,

and they the vendor.


And the rejected advance

the subtle cold shoulder,

you kept on your pants

and will live to be older.


The betrayal of love

best dealt with whilst younger,

starve out the lust

to banish the hunger.


The gentle entrapment,

of desires knowing pull,


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Tags: Abstinence, Cynicism, Love

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the muslim's take xvi

slow turns against the lowered sky
vultures patient biding time
their tail-feathers angled down
to pick the bones of the town

dust settled about the reined in steeds
lowering the hammer of the sultan's gaze
their standards flick upon the breeze
more dour this scene than any battle won

in twos and threes and sometimes more
lay those who once had names at dawn
without rigour left to pu...

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Depressed Haiku, sort of

entry picture

Is something I rarely feel
Told how much I screw up

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Tags: Depressed, Haiku, unappreciated


entry picture


Stacked up

Sentinel like

A wall of defeat

On every side



Microscopic me

Dictated to by giants


The mouse on the wheel

No destination

A thirty year chasm is inside me

Ever famished

Its mouth is wide open

Wanting my surrender

Waiting for dominance


A tiny crack has shown up

In the dam that holds back my future


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Loading the player…

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Oh my name it is nothing; my vote it means less;

But I voted for Labour I have to confess;

But now I am cheering where once I’d deride

Our new national champion

Cos Dave’s on Our Side.


He’s gone into battle for me and for you

To joust with those blackguards they call the EU;

He carries our torches to burn far and wide;

Now Europe is trembling

With Dave on Our S...

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Also by John Coopey:


Aberaeron (after the storm)

Surging urging, brown, dense molass,

Upheaving through harbour gap,

Foaming deluge broken, unspent,

Over angular boulder castlement,

And with weighty mass continuing on,

To swell and play,

Mongst boats,

In harbour,


From the upwelling foray.

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Tags: Nature, Storm, Wales, Weather

Las Vegas

Violation and depravity,
within isolation of this valley,
an extravagant medicine to take.


We pace the boulevard,
with no moral compass, neither
north or south in strip-sleazed haze.


Rolling violent dice
of drunken incomprehension,
morning sirens sing out my sin.


but the more I kneel before you,
the more you raise me to my feet.


What happens with us, st...

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Also by Katypoetess:

The Temptation of St Anthony II |

Henry & Lucille

Another day dawned,

The sunbeams wrenching Lucille back into the land of the living.

A groan, a stretch and a chance fart heralded the day,

As the dust fairies spread their wings.


She reached for her stick,

Briefly recalling that Henry always used to bring it to her

Before he'd shuffled off,

One last time,

Fifteen months ago.


It hadn't been the first time he'd ...

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Also by Jim Trott:

The Gnome and his Snakes | And the Walls did Weep |


Crown Court

To the left

Ctlr L


The case


To the


Ctlr R




Right in

The Centre

For all

To see

Ctlr E


Now turn

On the bold

Ctlr B

To highlight




Pink ribbon

Binds this






But no



For the






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Also by Lynn Hamilton:

EQUILIBRIUM | normal |


Returning to my hotel room

the way arrayed with artless dust

settling at my wood-chewed seat

crafting a plan to hatch this eve

feeding the scar of cream curtain.


The depth of outside shatters within

voices ring out in stuck symmetry

the gramophone and a fiend's cackle

this draught declines my fervent plea

a brush so worn as to paint me cold.

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entry picture

 More Than Not
Night Middles
 Dreams Scream


Floating Tween
Unconscious Sleep
 Conscious Reality


Had it All
 Muscle Tone
 Top Head Hair
  Best Friend
Date’s Attention
 Spine Straight Strong

 I Had

  Championship Games

 Cheerleaders Mouthing

 The Last shot
 You M...

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Also by GeeProcessor:


Oh Night

How beautiful and calm

Wind blowing ever so gently and sweet

Rubbing against my  cheeks with so much comfort


Looking up above

Stars shinning ever so bright

Though a million miles above

Stil so near.


For a moment darkness feels friendly

With fear of the unknown

Knowing for sure in a moment

The break of dawn


You only last for a while

No ...

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Being Homeless

Being homeless is not very nice,

To the people who pass you by,

They don't think twice.

They think you are a thug,

Spending what little money you have on drink and drugs!

You're not like that at all,

Just down on your luck, no-one to break your fall.

All you can do is sit in the shop doorway out on the street,

Begging for spare change for something to drink and eat.


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Thursday, Pt.2

The Prelude to the weekend

where people drink till the wee hours of the night

hoping to finally take flight away from the stress of the past three days.

Knowing that these moments never last forever

that is why families stay tighter than leather.

fly under any weather.

Distance is obsolete when it comes to this family

varying directions we may be in our lives,

yet when we r...

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Tags: drinking, family, happiness, poetry, Thursday


Faces are dull, lamps are lit, 
The room is black and I am alone, 
Dreaming something but reality is different, 
I don't know what's going to happen 

I didn't know what will I do 
Stand upon the stool
Or see in a mirror like a fool, 
But I said to myself, 'I have to be cool'

Nothing seems to be different, 
As I follow the same me, 
I have no difference nor glee in me.

Everyone has come ...

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Bird, leap from your branch

without a thought, wings like these

eye-lids a-blinking. 


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Tags: Haiku


Flowers On The Ground | In The Old Fence-Post Was A Perfectly Round Hole. | Stars |


You cannot know

isn't that the point


and, I'm not sure

how you'd react

If you did know.

Things would change


I'm sure

and I'm not prepared

to lose you,

the tiny piece

of you

I do have.

So wonder on,

be curious



Should you ask me,


face to face,

I'll laugh

look you in the eyes

smile, a...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Puthering |

Census Report

The echos run from the cellar
Pass through wood and brick
Mortar and strong Yorkshire stone
Touch the phantoms chatting in the lounge
The ghosts passing on the stairway
The spectres, ever astir, in the upper rooms
Over a century
Of living, breathing
Vibrant souls
Nest with me here
As shadows.
A distant but distinct trail
Of life and love
Passion and hate

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Tags: Census

Punk after 20

entry picture

I wonder what my punk mates from 20 years ago are doing tonight?

Keki's close friends.

Well we all are 20 years older.

This is what i have to say:


You don't do punk.


You are punk.


I wonder..most of them grew up,maybe. Maybe they work.

How would I know?


I'm punk. I don't know. I don't give a flying fuck.


I cry, i miss you, i cry and i do remember.


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Tags: punk poetry

The Back Bedroom

In the back bedroom,
between pillars of poetry pamphlets;
the canyon that echoes Chaucer and Poe.
Where last week’s crockery lies a fossil
and sedimentary layers of coffee show.
A wastepaper bin of crumpled first drafts,
waiting to erupt it’s potential.
Bed sheets blown over a notebook graveyard,
buried too deep to show their credential.
Crisp packets breed between clothes on the floor,

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Tags: doubt, poetry, writing

Also by Eva Curless:

An Ode to Poetry |

one day

One day her heart turned black,

It was tired of the rain,

Tired of the same echoes from different voices,


Same jokes,

Different faces,

He looked at the phone,

Screaming like a tired child,

Remembering his wife 

He stared at the ceiling,

lonely hotel room,

His heart was black 

It was tired of being left,

Same lines,

Different faces,

His h...

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Also by Nicola Beckett:

Shadows |

A Lay-By


Disappointment haunts all my days

Contradictions butter me up but

Nothing is as it was. This I know.

A green grove recalled

Somewhere around the A355

Near to Blair’s 80s Beaconsfield

Failed constituency

Or maybe it was deadly Denham

I dunno.

Not too far from Pinewood anyroad

With Kenneth, Sid, Tony, the ‘H’-crew.

Heroes just for one day

Those places, those ...

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Coffee for Two

entry picture

Coffee for Two


the coffee shop overfilling and ringing

with mirth and memorable conversation,

floating and finding ownership in the

crooks and crannies of the enclosed room.

no longer smoke but steam.

spent words between friends and strangers alike.

the aloneness cuts through and slices

the moments like a dark dagger cutting

through the thick fog offered up by the


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Tags: love and children, nature, spiritual


entry picture
Poem 20 of 230:  CHINA AND INDIA IN 1988

China and India:
    Dense populations both;
But China is, by far,
    Much more humane - my oath;
For through both I took trains,
    And saw the gap in pains.

China and India:
    Great cuisines they have both;
But China is, by far,
    Much more humane - my oath;
For not once in packed China
    Was I begged by a minor.

China and India:

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The Waiting Room by Tindersticks

The fear of emptiness.

Drink to the future, not to forget the past.

I'm your second chance, last chance man.

Time is running out.

Don't let me suffer.

It's the caring that is killing me.

Don't make me fall.

We are planting holes.

We are planting holes in the waiting room.

We are dreamers.

Dont wake me.

We will only hurt each other,

the way only lovers can.


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Tags: life, Love

Cloud Watching

I will be watching for you
From an open field of wildflowers
In the softness of the clouds I will look
always upward for you
Until you descend to me with gently parted lips
If you take my hand
If you draw so near to me
That I could feel your breathing
I think I might lose my heart forever
in the corners of your mouth,
in the warmth of your eyes,
in the pureness of your love
And I could...

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Also by R Miller:

Gasping | Reminders |




It’s late

actually it’s early


brain never stops

mix between good thoughts and bad

this should be over since the end

of my drinking life 

my marriage 

my dogs life 

is this one of those nights I’ve been waiting for?

what to do…???

my best pal comes to town tomorrow

happy about that

maybe this shouldn’t be over

maybe this is just the beg...

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Tags: insomnia, social commentary, Social Observations

Also by Eric Broke:

By the Bay | When we speak | They | It falls |

Paying Our Way

All for one and one for all . The rich look after the rich , and the poor just have to fall . Fall into a category  , being poor and all alone . You get on with life don't worry , don't you ever moan . To scrimp and yet don't show , how hard it is to manage . You fight for every penny , some days not having any . A working life just taken away , your age you cannot alter . Not entitled to any beni...

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The Twelve Steps of Poets Anonymous

The Twelve Steps of Poets Anonymous


We admitted

we were powerless

over poetry and that

our lives had become



Came to believe that

a power greater than

ourselves could restore us

to sanity. In an ideal world,

this could be, Simon Armitage,

or even at a push,

Pam Ayres.


If we have chosen

Simon Armitage.

We have made a decision


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Word Art

entry picture

Books are word art

Word art stimulates imagination

Word art can be borrowed

Libraries are word art borrowing facilities

Libraries are word art storage facilities

Libraries are precious

Word art is precious

People require access to borrowing centres

Prevent word art resource centre reduction

Reduction imposes non-access

Non-access creates non-inclusiveness


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Tags: I was invited to perform at Leeds Central Library

Also by Stuart Clark:

Opposite Nothing | Earth to Mankind |



Still sickened by the memory

of puckered rodent noses

floating on the scented foam,

the streaming of your face as you sagged

within yourself, gave away the tooth and nail,

tasting dirty black defeat and forcing me

to take a side I didn’t trust


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My Noble Valentine


My Noble Valentine


Oh Valentine, my Valentine,

Oh where oh where are you,

The children need their breakfast,

And there’s ironing still to do.


The washing up can wait an hour,

But where’s my purple sock,

The kitchen floor won’t clean itself,

You should be taking stock..


I don’t want oven chips again,

Potatoes there to peel,

And all this blessed p...

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truth be told

Truth, be told

On an old fashion gramophone, they played sweet

music in a small cove made for two, the young man

smiled this sleek woman was to become his bride.

A big seal came on to shore dragged the woman in

to the sea and under, when surfacing with the seal

she smiled and waved but didn`t come ashore,

kept on jumping and playing and her leanness made

look like a seal an...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

wonderful Scandinavia | wildfire | wildfire | Morpheus`s kiss | Marvellous life | the lay of the land |

Dead Leaves (a villanelle)

And the leaves of fall in a grand tree wither down

The wind howls and one by one whisks the leaves away

They become frail and turn brown


Darkness covers the sky and the land like a heavy gown 

Sunshine tries to seep through the clouds but the sky is still grey

And the leaves of fall in a grand tree wither down


The water comes flooding and the tree might drown

Some fo...

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