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for Grant Tarbard


Northern kids, their futures

predictable, they grafted dourly

five days a week down pits, in shops

and on the factory floor –

paying their way with some left

for vinyl, speed and threads.


Travelling miles by train each

weekend with a change of clothes

and a box of classic tracks

– minor hits and rarities

by blacks the charts ignore...

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A for Apathy

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Are we just too lazy to stir,

toil and breed?

Too fey to strive for life,

our own and others'?

I guess we are.


So why knock immigrants?

Who else will clean our incontinent beds

when we are old and sad?

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From Petersburg

From Petersburg


I had cramp in my legs, got off my bike sat on a stone

Beside the road massaging them, when a bus full of

Russian football supporters, stopped.

A  man got out gave me a scarf and the team´s banner

I put the scarf on – made by his mother- those in bus

applauded. They continued their way to Lisbon where

their team was playing Sporting in a friendly, I d...

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For Stefan Kiszko

entry picture

And always the silent smell
Of music follows
Each time his name is mentioned
Never justice,

Covered in ignored pleadings
With pinpointed accuracy
Constantly kicking
The ladder away
From his freedom

Evidence suppressed and misplaced
For 16 years
In cross currents
Of ignored medical reports

Miscarrying justice
And innocence
Constantly brushed
Under the carpets

Drawn back on ...

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Also by Andy N:

Wilfred Owen Montage |

A Librarians Concern

A Librarians Concern



     Once the word has been written,

You cannot necessarily erase it,

For no matter how hard you rub

The page,

     The word remains.


     You could if you so wished,

Rub so hard that the page itself,

Becomes tatty and frayed,

Leaving blemishes

Upon the page underneath,

A page that may have been

A future not yet...

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entry picture

We stare across the open field at each other,
Battle is in the air,
One of us is going to Valhalla today.

We charge across the field with spears,
plunging it into the hearts of our kin,
it is too late to ask questions now.

In the midst of battle, I hear your screams
I am anxious to face you, my brother, my blood.

Two brothers meet, on the field of blood, our eyes are full of hate,

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The cry of the black birds | I was lost, but now I'm found |

How Dare You

How dare you say

That everything turned okay

That my dreams didn’t diminish

And that the pain could now finish

How dare you say

You would take away my fear

Give me a place to call home

And begin a dream here

How dare you say

It wasn’t you that betrayed

Whether it was the love of a daughter

Or that daughter’s real father

How dare you say

I would make it ...

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Mind Game

Sitting there quiet

Away from the Queen Bee

Not wanting to be the first apple to fall from the tree

Not wanting to be the sharpest thorn

Or the ripest acorn

over which the squirrels brawl

To take in to their hibernating spot

To keep them filled over the winter lash

Just to be Discarded

as an empty shell when spring has past

But to fend of the pack of wolves


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Incomprehensible conversation with bush mush

entry picture

He machine guns his speech

through a facial cluster

at almost eye level growth.


I can't speak for him


but I am getting pissed off

having to say



excuse me?


I look for the opening

where his mouth should be.

If there is a row of teeth

that have come out of hiding

between what must be

the uplifted corners of his lips


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Suncream, Sandwiches, Sea and Sand

Warm sheltered rock-pools on the beach

This British green and pleasant land

Where Donkeys'  poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandad’s hanky on his head

His rosy cheeks a shade of peach

His Daily Mirror long since read

Where Donkeys' poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandma’s at Bingo every night

Her handbag with her like a leech


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Tags: beach,donkeys,holidays,seagulls

Also by Daniel Dwyran:


Thirsty river

Treacherous the river

Flowing deep

Still and silent


Treacherous the river

Dark and mournful



Thirsty the river

Many lay sleeping

In her arms

She caresses

Gently holds

Eternal sleep

Eternal bliss



Unquenched her thirst


Treacherous the river

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In Remembrance of Grandma - Poem & Background

Now that people are becoming more aware of my poetic efforts, interests are being expressed regarding the background of my poetry - in addition, to my spiritual muse. In this installment, I share the background and poem "In Remembrance of Grandma".

I recognize that most of you reading this article will not know much about my maternal Grandmother, other than what you're able to glean from this p...

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Tags: Background,behind the poem,In Remembrance of Grandma,Poem,poetry

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Discontented Diabetic

Syringes syringes
Damn you,
You're eating up my space.

Pancreas pancreas
Useless thing,
I'll have you replaced.

One Touch, One Touch
Come now,
Blood each time just to test?

Lantus Lantus
Please, you,
Don't ever tempt to rest.

Lancets lancets
Your pricks pain me no more.

Needles needles
You scoundrels
Thrust me like I'm your whore.


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Tags: diabetes

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Amongst the bitten twigs and fur caught,
low shrubs where each of us
is half in the tree and half in the rock,
a skull the thumb size of climbing sleeps.

If you do not come back
I will untie the ribbons
from my hair and open the hollow
parts of my head to the wind.

You said I would do that
enough myself  -  my teeth cut,
my goose feather torn  -
no excuse for you 


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Also by Marianne Daniels:

Pink Tree |

Pre-Loved Skin

entry picture

Barely worn,

impossible to tell,

the previous owner,

wore it well.


Callously made,

so you can you feel,

rich and successful,

sexy and ideal.


So this season!

Screaming to appear,

on catwalk and red carpet,

at awards and film premiere.


Dying to be worn,

bequeathing the thrill,

of impressing at events,

and dressing to kill!



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Regarding the taking of bites

We heart fought

over your infrequent visits.

Your coming to feed

only when it suited you.


Your Sunday night sex meals

your Monday morning desserts

before you leave-again!


It is my love

that capitulates


allows me

to be your game bird.


And each

of your tasteless victories

you pepper  

with my surrenderings

crushed into piece...

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The heart

Deep inside, where the beat goes on, 
The pulsation of life, where the beat is strong
The heart is the place, the foundations of trust,
The place of emotions, Including, passion and lust. 
From the day we are born, to the last moment of breath, 
It will keep on beating, until the, inevitable death.
The mixture of emotions, That defines who we are, 
The feelings that dwell w...

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-The rablings of another young girl-

written: 8/20/14

People are such selfish creatures. 

They say they love picking flowers.

But when you pick a flower, you kill it. 

People take another living things life,

just so they can have the pleasure of looking at it. 

People pick things, and will pick them, untill they destory everything 

..and that, is just so very sad.


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Roy of the Rovers

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He'd not expected to find much.
To tell you the truth he was just killing time.
Lanyard flapping as he walked down Wood Street;
the plastic branded shackle on his neck.
A badly pixelated photograph
that makes him look a bit like a convict
who'd both shat himself with a death glare
at exactly the same time.

As he entered the shop,
he could hear the old Ferguson radiogram;
just like th...

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Tags: comic books,football,Nostalgia

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Lick It

Girl you know how to lick it, when all is said and done,
as its juices slide into your mouth you lick your lips and say yum yum,
as you hold it tightly in your hand you desire it more and more,
as you taste its sweetness your excitement starts to soar.

Its coolness on your tongue, sends a shiver down your spine,
as I watch you eating it I start to wish that it was mine,
there’s something so exciti...

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Tags: Anthony R M Andrews,Cunnilingus,Ice Cream

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Twisted Harvest

entry picture









quiet in the crackling grasses



listening to clouds swell heavy



waiting for the judgement hour


of cutting

scythed where the ears can’t hear you



trusting steel to complete this



now that the earth lies sanguine



drip drop rinse and release y...

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Tags: richpix

Also by Laura Taylor:

Ward 3D |



How kind the rain

to tiptoe


my window pane

As I lay down to


How kind the breeze

to whisper


the autumn leaves

my eyes in slumber


How kind the sun

to cast a


golden, tender

making way

for a glorious, glorious

sunny day.









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(untitled) | Nobody came | Why | Metro ride | I am |


entry picture

There is one scoffing, 

high and winsome

lady, now 

about the town: 

pointing this way,

pointing that way, 

this way that way 

plays the clown.


She's crying while 

anointing traffic 

with the mantra- 

''run me down''

She sees me standing

on the pavement

waving smiling

on the town.


words and foto  T Carroll


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Look at me

You look at me and what do you see

You look at me all the time

With that supercilious grin

Scanning me from head to foot

You pass no comment

And yet you say it all with your eyes


They say that every picture tells a tale

But you never draw, paint or photograph

What you see

You never describe or make a photo fit

Instead you just stop, blink and stare

You lookin...

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memory | Somebodys son |

She... IV

entry picture

I turned back,


     Looking at a past bereft of an honest cover truth letter unto love given to anyone from the heart of mine... Never miming but reinventing up from the ashen wounds that garnish the luck of my soul as amputated souvenirs this poetic novelist has wilted with a daily antidote of chosen hope!


      If the pseudo existence of self ever had a back...

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Sincerely Molly

entry picture

Please don't go, leaving me up here all alone in the cold
Please don't go, no blanket, no hugs because your too "old"
Please don't go, too busy, too good, not childish enough for me to hold
Please don't go, I need you, my mommy, my sunshine my gold
Please don't go, I'm lost now, without you alone and covered in mold

You loved me, you held me until college came
Your boyfriend, your lipstick, you just wer...

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Tags: abandon,doll,love,poem,poetry,ragdoll

No More Page 3

Sunny mornings spent alone,

Calls for news named as such,

Yet scrawled careless between
pages isn’t news so much - 
‘Britney’s back with a hit!’
‘She’s 19 and she’s got tits!’
‘Chris and Gywneth finally split!’
I scrabble hungry for underestimated wit,
Yet,  between licking and flicking I find this is it-

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Also by Charlotte:

(untitled) | Reluctant Return. | Thirty. | Cats |


I wish            

                            I could read every book ever written

                            I spoke every language on earth

                            I lived everywhere at once

                            And I could touch every living thing


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Long straight rivulets of light,
flowing out into the bay of night, 
returning on the back of dawn,
o’er skeletons of long ago forms,
a wretched heap of memories and fears,
moistened by a sea of loved ones tears,
happy times forgotten in the daytime bright,
return again in the after light,
to briefly stay before returning,
on tho...

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Also by Ken Eaton-Dykes:

Eleven Eleven (repost) 1914-1919 1939-1945 |

those were the days ..

 deep red eyes tell stories lips are afraid to speak 
 the lies and the worries that everyone's eyes are afraid to see 
 you hurt me 
 I say to myself every night trying to make the pain go away 
 but in reality the pain cuts deeper than a knife and I forget the words to say 
 you liar 
 seems to be better than realizing i had a part to play 
 seeing with my own eyes all of the evil ways 

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Tags: khirstynwaggoner,love,poems,poetry,Spokenword

Also by Khirstyn:

what is love .. |

The world`s most beautiful city
























letting in













are thrown










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The Crooked Beast At The End Of A Crooked Path

entry picture

The Crooked Beast At The End Of A Crooked Path

I saw him rise like a dark spectre
in the clouds
at the end of a crooked path
his horned head cocked
spreading his cloven claws
astride the graves that nestled
safe beneath the trees
his wings unfurling
across the sky
and gathering in
the long dead souls
beneath the ground
and I thought
I heard the demon say
“I told you I would not ...

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Tags: crooked path,devil,graveyard,lost souls,prayer,richpix,the beast

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Do All Dogs go to Heaven?

entry picture
















Do all Dogs

go to Heaven?

I sure hope

It's true.

Cause when I

get to Heaven

I want to be

there with you.


You are gone

now but

for a

short while.

When I see

you again

I'll have a

big smile.


I'll sit upon

the ground

while you run

that crazy li...

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Tags: Dogs,Heaven,Short,While

Also by Shirley Smothers:

Our Peanut Puppy | A Slightly Dirty Limerick |

The islands of Stockholm

entry picture

Water, water, bridges everywhere:

a mini-Sydney harbour, serene streets

reminiscent of Edinburgh, too.

In the old town, close to the royal palace,

museum of high ideals, the Nobel prize.

Einstein, Mandela, Solzhenitsyn, Mother Teresa.

And that’s not all: nearby a hall of fame dedicated

to a band that made the world smile.

Benny and Frida, Bjorn and Agnetha,

wearing the...

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Tags: Abba,Stockholm,Sweden

Glad To Be A Dalek

Loading the player…

entry picture

I'm not your average Dalek, you know the sort I mean,
All bent on domination; giving vent to all that spleen.
I like to think I'm different from other Dalek crew,
Who keep emotions hidden while exterminating you.
I don't agree with killing, with plans to subjugate.
The Universe is lovely and I find it hard to hate.
In fact, I've got my own plan; I'm working from within!
I'm teaching other D...

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Tags: Dalek

Also by Jonathan Humble:

Question From A Supernumerary |

Pleasure Center

One in ten have the gene, ONE in ten, how could that be me?

A gene for alcoholism is a gene that I have, bearly hitting seventeen when I realised that.

Drinking on the weekends turned into every morning of everyday.

With my hands melted around a bottle, forever there to stay.

My bottle was my friend, the friend of a friend in need,

Helping me "solve" my problems, yet creating more i...

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Tags: alcohol abuse

Life is boobytrapped

You brush past a bush, 
it ambushes, scratches you, you
hardly notice it, it
gets septic,
death follows.
The sniper picks out you, you
are the unlucky one, one
of the others could easily have been, been
shot, shot dead, but no,
death follows.
Life is boobytrapped. 
It's a minefield, any minute, minute
germs, viruses, bacteria can invade, invade
through the tiniest crack, crack

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It's Happening

It's happening.


I didn't think it would

To me, I

Blinkered myself

From harsh realities

I didn't want to see -


Plunged myself

Head long in sands

As, unbeknownst to me,

Those particles beneath my feet

Were leaking out into

Some secret



When I was young

I had a naive notion that

All parts were mechanised,

Like robot cogs


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Also by Natfastic:

Shiny Red Shoes | 12:26 | Cloncurry | Just Another |

PC (Pretentious Crap.)

Why is the world of poetry so divisive?

Why is conventional poetry (to my mind) so derisory?

Why should I give a tinker's cuss either way?

It seems that the more esoteric and obscure you are, the more venerated

you will be; Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath are 2 classic cases in point. And the more

you kick against convention the more enervated you will be.

I've trawled through enough...

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Also by Phil Fletcher:

KEEPING DEATH ALIVE. | The Poor Defenceless Male. |

'Cause I can wait no more

entry picture

Come take me now
'Cause I can wait
no more
Come tell me now
How much you adore

Come take me now
In your arms
Come tell me how
You feel the warmth

Hold me tight
like a baby
Spread your wings 
and make me cozy

Let me hide 
And sink within you
Let me say
How much I missed you
Let me cry 
Let me roar
Like desert rain on you 
let me pour

Come hold me now 

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entry picture
Poem 23 of 230:  ABOVE EVEREST

When flying from Nepal to Thailand,
    I was given a “good-side” seat;
And, as I looked out the plane window,
    The view I saw was really neat.

For breaking through a thick sheet of cloud
    Were the high Himalayan peaks;
And, rising the highest of them all,
    Mount Everest - heaven bespeaks! 

(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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As yet untitled


Sometimes we’re only supposed to look and not see

But each of us is, as we are supposed to be


If it wasn’t for you

And if it wasn’t for me


Then our meeting would never have come to pass

You are loved for being you, no buts nor alas


So little do you know that so much of me has changed

You saw through my defences, over years they had aged



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Tags: chance encounter,fleeting moments


A voice is still unheard and a face still is unseen,

there's a heart beating in the croud of mean,

its innocence has been pushed down beneath,

it does'nt trust the world whether it will let keep it clean.


It has been hurt and ditched before,

and now its afraid to come forth,

it was torned down, broken and burned into ashes,

and it took long enough to join the pieces.


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Tags: fear,heartbreak,Pain

The Bone Shaker

You want me
To search
My soul
I spent my life
So far 
Doing that
You want me
To know
Which way is up
All I learnt 
Is that kind of search
Brought me down
You think
I don't want 
To dance 
With you
Take those steps
Those steps 
I learnt from the womb
You know
That heartbeat
I've not found
Since I smelt
The air and
These roses
They don't smell
So ...

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A Woman's Charm

The scent of her skin

In pleasurable tones

Leaves him wanting more


The promise in her touch

With lingering strokes

Raises firmness to his core


The light in her eyes

Contradicts their darkness

Adds a flicker to his flame


The curve of her breast

In all it's subtlety

Brings fragility to his frame


The softness of her lips

In all their full...

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Also by :

Alexis | If I Ruled The World... | The Visitor |


entry picture

I saw you in my dream again

last night.

You looked at me accusingly


angry, disappointed


I ran after you

calling, begging you to


You turned around and 


mingling with the crowd.

I sat down on the dusty road

as I've done before 

countless times


wondering why you never talk.

Why you never tell me why.


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Also by :

Pressed | I am |


~~Life down here seems like in an aliens land!
And though it’s a handiwork of Your precious hand!!
I am not comfortable in this alien’s band,
I wish I was placed on a safer sand.

“Let the dusk soon perish,
And dawn appear that I might cherish,
Let me soon cross this tedious mountain,
That I might be quenched by thy freshening fountain,
Let me soon recognize that is aliens land,

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You had so much,

So much you gave.

You went too early

To your grave.

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


August Collage Poem: First Jobs

entry picture


Strangled thoughts inside and out,

Lost chances rust in lonely sidings.


Tailor driven across hope

buried deep under steelworks

strangled in lies


hope made of granite

and reinforced steel.


The tosser on the dance floor

Throw him into an IT grave.

Once you get used to something, your

imagination loses its mind, use your

imagination and look at...

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Tags: collage poem,Purple poo,Stockport WOL

Also by Stockport WoL:

Alan Seeger |

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