July Collage Poem: 'Grit'

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Blood on flashing dancefloors;

towards the courts of monochrome

our killer slouches home.


Time is running out, I'm suddenly aware

and the poetry flows -

and so it goes...


The beauty of grit is retrospective.


Strawberry juice on chin

swallowed in one breath

over a mis-shaped tattoo


Tattoos last longer than love;

ink is the blue kiss of ...

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Options - February Collage poem

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Bardic warriors in the worn tartan

of Christie Cleek declaim

their savage lines:

It's never too late to be early

and catch the wind


Taxed to death


the mirror whispers a thousand words

we seldom notice


Stuffy, smoky stifling atmosphere

of shouting people:

What do they put in our beer?

Stop killing our world -

and don't be late!


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Tags: Collage Poem,Stockport WOL

January Collage Poem: Beginnings and Exits

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Mothers of sons dream troubled dreams

of blowing leaves and anniversaries.

Give me an energetic brush every time


it smells like winter, trees sigh softly

and nature floats my boat. Red and gold

leaves scurry along in the force


the pungence of words strong enough

to sting the nostrils, sweet enough

to bless the ears


glamour in fleece and recognitio...

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Tags: Collage Poem,January Collage poem,Stockport WOL

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