November Collage Poem: Smoke

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Neutral mind draped across grimy windows,

Got to be cocks and screwdrivers

Ducking and diving across unexpected surprises


Policies of strange girls from Blackpool

and Brief Encounters recycled in Staleybridge


Lumps of snot tubes or mask

Red sore skin rubbed to rust


We meet in hospital corridors,

Platforms of abandoned train stations


It was 50 yea...

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Tags: collage poem, smoke, Stockport WoL

August Collage Poem: Making Poetic Hay


A caged bird in Wetherspoon's

Flashing jazz through messy mental maps

On skull-grey stepped buildings

Where books and more books glimpse

of measured escape


Over corridors blocking ways out

edited down stopping feelings

of revenge pleading eases

enchanted in a warped love


Messy murder, mental madness

Who is free and who is caged?


Too many hang-up...

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Tags: Collage Poem, Stockport WOL

July 2015 Collage Poem

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Crimson dust for a forgotten man,

The nuances of place emerge


All of us are wearing lace-up shoes

In this we are the same,

And other ways

That are hidden.


In screaming, panicked pain swells


Help may be

The only thing I can offer,

As well as my ear

And my time.


Bleeding the sky with your cosmic clouds

That shelter my dark matter

From within...

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Heart of Stockport II


Stockport town is upside down


Blue skies, regret for the river that was

I caught your cobble-stones with conviction

Voices from the youth skimming across the waters


Love is underfoot, under wet sand


Throw stones at the past; take care of the present; enjoy a future.


Red streaks blurring wistful meanderings

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine city


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Tags: Collage Poem, Heartland, Mersey, Stockport Write Out Loud

May Collage Poem

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Tense reticence, the kiss of limbs

for Hanging’s biggest fan


Free and easy

Scattered island red

Poll blood hundred to the dozen


The long, elastic tug-of-war of love


Forgive me if I did not understand:

Lord, may my faith grow ever stronger


A voice cracking on the radio,

Giving some sort of verification

That the static’s home.


I know that it’...

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Tags: collage poem, stockport

Exile - March Collage Poem

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Numbers lost tutting in a happy mode
Lost for words but is nice to see you all
One, two, three bloody Mary
Has burnt that toast again
Seeing your face light up
When you see mine
A shining beam pierces the darkness
Stallions taking you on a chariot ride
Watching animals at Belle Vue

Three two one and the bullets are all gone. 




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Tags: Collage Poem, March, Stockport Write Out Loud

February Collage Poem: Cages

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Barely living through the dance of night

Tiger-stripe trapeze in savage growl


Swiss diligence with eerie eyes


From corridors of incandescence

To alleyways of guttered candles

Room with nothing but lonely memories


Ghosts, horror, the present, the past.

Everything changes. Nothing changes

Memories and wishes.


Two children play in the ashes


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Tags: Cages, Collage Poem, February

January 2015 Collage Poem: Novelty

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Intact, these children dance and sing

Forward and back.

Forget hatred; make love,

but don't whore


Don't tell me the truth

Or look at the meanings

In between words


Summer is a salad of water

Blue eyes


People of all kinds

too many to remember -

Who cares?


I see new words in new directions

All new faces and self-reflections

A pill to ...

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Tags: Collage Poem, Novelty, Stockport Write Out Loud

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