Tribute To Kurt Cobain

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This was written in tribute to the 27 Club and 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death  The Jimi Hendrix Experience Kurt Cobain Jim Morison Janis Joplin Sid Viscious Rock n roll reject (suicide) updated April 2014 He was the living the high life for far too long, Living it up at the top of his game, Taking liberties and singing his songs, No need to care for rights and wrongs, ...

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A welcome return to Write out loud

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Hi everyone, Firstly its full of activity on here. Sorry i have not been able to post for quite a while but I have managed to get four books published and written lots of new poetry on many subjects. Its also been a testing year personally. Please see my site and FB Artist page Please like all thoughts are most welcome.

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the knock

Should have been your boy

back from the game

bag of fish and chips

grin as wide as the Mersey

drunk on youth and sunshine 

still living every pass shot tackle

as he settles down in front of the box

him and the old man each with a can

to watch it all over on Match Of The Day.


Instead, it was coppers

neighbours, friends, the sad-eyed priest

it was sorry for yo...

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We wonder amongst the ruins

Rusting trucks and cutting gear

Severed cables protruding

From weathered walls

And the pit head wheel

Still proud above us

Preserved temporarily

By municipal crumbs

And volunteer labour


Only open occasionally

For public inspection

We whisper questions


Here the miners lamps

Here the cramped ca...

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Poem: Lord, You Are...

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Lord, You are my strength,
whenever I'm completely weak.
You are the spiritual delight
in Whom I only seek.

Lord, You are my morning light
that's shining above the mountain peaks.
You are my hungering desire -
For each day of every week.

Lord, You are my vigilant Father
over earthly trials through which I eke.
Please keep me mindful of Your Word,
so my attitude remains... humble and mee...

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Poem: Standard of Cooperation

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A simple army of ants
in silent cooperation and unity,
quickly work side-by-side -
Setting an example for humanity.

From Scriptural advice
we're instructed to observe
the behavior of these insects
and see value from learning to serve.

Achieving the colony's purpose
and focusing on its common mission,
labor is given for the greater good
via its natural instinct of unison.

For much can b...

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Poem: Game Theory

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In Life's matrix of possibilities,
outcomes can be reduced to an array -
For the mixture of cursing and blessing correlates
directly to choices not carefully weighed.

With God on one axis
and Satan on the other,
challenges from many of Life's trials
have various payouts, from one cell to another.

From the earthly consequences,
which are the result of our actions,
we're ultimately respons...

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Poem: Prayer Scented Incense

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Do you realize?

After birthing heart-felt prayers,
have you seen them rise as sweet perfume?
For their glorious scent fills God's nostrils
as His Presence consumes Heaven's throne room.

Do you know?

Our Father covets this sacred incense,
that burns in the cries of His Children.
He is forever mindful of us
and our continuing battle for overcoming sin.

Do you want answers?

Christ Himself hear...

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Joseph Robert's poems in Message in a Bottle magazine

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My poet and writer hubby Joseph Robert's poems are published in the Spring Issue of Message in a Bottle magazine, which you can read for free online here:

I've done a little write-up on my wordpress blog as well. Some of my other reviews of recent poetry pamphlets and collections by authors such as Simon Robson and Jeremy Young...

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Poem: Silent Tears

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To willingly lay down one's life
for the redemption of all others
is an immeasurable sacrifice.
More painful than His Suffering
were the silent tears
that stained the Savior's cheeks
in memoriam
of those who rejected Him.



Author Notes:

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2009, All rights reserved.


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Poem: For Just One Day

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For just one day, I'd like to see
a tour of God's throne room and His glassy sea.
Or perhaps to take a leisurely stroll
among heavenly streets made from purest gold.
Maybe I'd glimpse the pearly gates,
to find out who is really standing in wait.
Another option would be to find
the stately mansion that's eventually mine.
But seeing the Savior from afar
and observing the glory of the Morni...

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Poem: Cleanse Me Lord

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Oh, my Lord...

Once again I'm dirty with sin.
I need to cleanse my fallen mind
with the beauty of your Word.

My desire is turned towards You -
Yet my flesh remains weak,
reflecting a lack of discipline.

Please chastise me, your child
and spare not your rod of correction.
Cover me with your forgiveness and grace
as I begin anew each day, trying to mature.

Oh, my Lord... please cleanse me...

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Transient Revelation.

Transient Revelation.


Dawn inner dawn,

substance punctures substance,

exit drifting exit,

ebb amid ebb,


the breach,

 history again is reached,

peace deceased,

as will whittles pitiless,

 at stony epoch,

 as deathless flocks,

of dali clocks,

real or not,

 do not stop,

oblivions bleat,

transforming myth to meat,

 infinite defeat i...

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Captivated By The Light

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My inner desire is to be...
Free from the continuing burden
of my soul's carnality.

For I wish to be liberated
from the snares of sin's grip
and be forever emancipated.

Truly, I'm captivated by The Light
that shines eternally into my spirit
and erases my heart's love of Earthly delights.

Fulfillment of my life's emptiness
is only met by a spiritual purpose
with God's call to His Holines...

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Green Meadows

Beneath the shadow
of the Great Shepherd's staff,
in the green lushness of Life's plateau,
my spirit continues to laugh.

Despite the dumbness of this sheep
to His voice I've heeded.
For God's Love is greater than deep
and to His Principles, I've conceded.

My life is filled with abundance
beyond mortal imagination.
Enjoying protection from circumstance
came from obeying rules of His Holy...

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Grace and Love

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Unmerited favor of God
flows continually
and without interruption,
when you are a child of His.
His Love for us is...
Unquestionably unconditional;
however, His Grace is not.
Grace and Love are not equivalent -
We must not endeavor
to confuse these concepts.
God's Word is always steadfast
and is an unmovable truth.
Author Notes:

The standard definition of grace is "unmerit...

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Absorbing Monotony With Diogenes


From Moment To Moment


She asked me if I was working,

I said no,

Im stray,

I am my own cerberus,

a salty scrapper with rascally scruff,

no shackled pup,

all rust and fluff,

I am made of blacker stuff,

and in my short time here,

I have seen enough,

gnomes molding walls,

vast, deep, and tall,

through the skulls of us all,

 for me to bawl forever ...

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Three hours in the whiskey jar.

Sell By Date

I had no use for tables,

they were clunky and didnt like being lifted up,

my bed became the floor,

foetus man,

I have no use for dignity,

 I burgle books from bars,

and relay whispers from the whiskey,

 to indian girls,

 "the world is going to end",

my killer line,

 all shall be fine,

 time left over,

to drink,

internal rebirth,


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Poem: Exit Strategy

You've lived a life of uncounted days
and your spirit is ready to leave;
but are you ready for the hereafter,
if in God, you don't believe?

For when your spirit and soul separate,
opportunity is gone, as the body decays.
Since our mortal time is not guaranteed,
begin a relationship with Him today.

Regarding your earthly departure,
do you have an Exit Strategy?
Will you be ready to find y...

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Poem: Daily Bread

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Beyond the lost days of manna,
all nutrition I'll ever need
was given to me at birth
with the implantation of spiritual seed.

An enabling inner spark,
combined with soul's hungering emptiness,
allowed me to find divine connection
and a path towards Your Holiness.

Thank You Lord for Your Daily Bread
that feeds my spirit and sustains my soul;
for feasting on Your Word everyday
is the best...

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Poem: And He Whispered...

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Trying to understand
my place in this complicated world,
my soul was sorely troubled -
And He whispered to me softly.

Trying to comprehend
my divine purpose within His Family,
my desires were unfocused -
And He whispered to me gently.

By giving myself completely to Him,
I found absolute abundance
that's sustained by Salvation's foundation -
And He whispered to me quietly...

"Well done ...

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Musing in Ilkley Cemetery

Musing In Ilkley Cemetery

No more on the hill the Middleton clan,
     now resting apart in municipal plot.
He to the left with the Romans and Catholics,
     she to the right among Protestant stock.

He passes his time amongst sisters and Irish,
     she spends her days with the cream of the mill.
And were they to rise, and meet on the pathway,
     they could look thr...

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Poems after my brother's and before my sister's birthday


Telepathy Lethargy

Face it out,

fabricate if you must,

a punk purge,

your a purist listen to punjab,

and pretend that you can speak,

through miles of sky,

and swim to the front of her mind,

that she will see your profundity,

and will shave her head,

get knocked up,

and have a couple of kids,

in the hospital intially,

and then later,




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Poem: White for Harvest

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Fields are white for harvest
with souls rotting on the vines;
graft them into the Kingdom now,
while there is still time.

Fullness of Life's abundance is available,
when connected to the True Vine;
but how to reach others when -
Christians don't heed the warning signs?

Workers may not be plentiful,
yet, faithful ones always find the fruit;
productive lives are highly visible
from employ...

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Poem: Why Would You Love Me?

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Oh, my Lord...
Why would You love me?

Your greatness exceeds human comprehension
and Your wealth surpasses the Earth's riches.
In Your mind's eye, my life has been viewed
and my judgment awaits its sentencing.

Before my existence, Your Blood was cruelly shed -
spilled for my sins, both conceived and committed.
You made Yourself vulnerable to man's hatred
for saving flawed souls, such as m...

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Poem: Drawn To You

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The softness of Your quiet voice
penetrates my spirit with utmost clarity -
For being drawn to you
comes more than naturally.

The constant woes of earthly cares
lack all meaning and worth
when I'm consumed by Your presence
and experience my spiritual rebirth.

Despite the magnificent beauty
of this planet's garden fields,
I would willingly exchange it
for the brilliance that Heaven yield...

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Chapbook Publishing

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Authors can easily spend hours looking for chapbook publishers that accept unsolicited submissions, only to find that those markets are currently closed to submissions (sometimes for the foreseeable future). With this in mind, I've decided to post a list of publishers and printers offering alternative solutions for writers looking to DIY it. Check out my links for reputable self-publishing options...

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I've decided to put some of my performance and recorded songs onto a new website - along with a future blog of poems and live dates etc. So, quite a few of the poems i blogged last year now appear on this site as either performance videos or recorded tunes (via Soundcloud).

There's a quite a bit of colour and it gives me the opportunity to prom...

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Poem: Brought to Enlightenment

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We must learn to do
and not weakly try;
for with Christ, all is possible -
Just stop asking "Why?"

Bow before Him on bended knees,
for His Ways are superior to ours.
Spend quality time in prayer
and not simply waste precious hours.

To be brought to enlightenment,
one must learn on his own.
Yet, the secret is simply this -
Go before God and His Throne.



Author Note:


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Poem: Fragile, Flawed and Easily Broken

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Despite imperfections of this body,
my shell is an earthen clay jar
that's fragile, flawed and easily broken,
letting the Light of Christ shine.
Though not pretty on the outside,
I won't be mistaken
for a white-washed tomb -
God can use my weakness
to display His greatness.
I've chosen to be submitted
to His Will and Plan for my life.
In spite of exterior chips, dings and nicks,

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Poem: New Age Spirituality

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Why settle for a counterfeit
when you can have the genuine thing?
For the purpose of "new age" spirituality
is replacing God with the Human Being.

Working from a false assumption
that Man is essentially good,
will lead us down destruction's path
as History has taught us, as it would.

The fight for supremacy
of our human souls
is still being waged by the Devil
under his planetary control...

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Poem: Immortality

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Ahhh... Immortality.

After the death of my earthly flesh,
my spirit will fully embrace it.
For I'm truly made
in my Creator's Image
and filled with His Divine presence.
How can anyone doubt...
The premise of my logic?

Ahhh... Immortality.



Author Note:

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2009, All rights reserved.


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Poem: Show of Hands

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Despite the differences of skin color
and our cultural upbringings,
we're more than brothers of Mankind -
Technically, we're kin.

Go to the mountain
preserved by ice and snow
where the revelation of Ararat's secret
is available for everyone to know.

For the ark's existence
proves the global flood story is true
and being our brother's keeper...
Is still a right thing to do.

Descended fr...

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Poem: The Cross, Stark and Still

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Into the depths of untold depravity,
a perfect creation had fallen away;
unimagined grace poured out from our God above -
As His Hand of wrath was firmly stayed.

The Cross, stark and still, standing upon a naked hill...
subtly calls for the World's attention.

Since the dawn of everlasting time,
our Savior awaited His appointed day;
despite humanity's race to certain doom -
His Hand of wra...

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More whelks, Bishop?

Loading the player…

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One of my favourite opening sentences in all the world is the opening line to Anthony Burgess’ novel Earthly Powers:

“It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me.”

Being not very well read, I haven’t actually read the book but I am sure it is rather good as the first sentence is stunning...

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Today's Great Undead Poets

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Today's great undead poets,
awash in the internet sea,
seek to fill the void of sensible emptiness
of our cyberspace world.
Following the heroic tradition of Man,
these daring individuals look to gain acceptance
through the expression of concepts.
Mirroring the virility and vitality of Life,
in defiance of critical naysayers,
the blankness of virtual paper
is scribbled upon with hurt, ho...

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Poem: And Yet His Hand...

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Despite the trials of this earthly world
and the continued foolishness of men,
God wants His Principles completely unfurled -
For He loves His Children, while hating sin.

His anger is not turned away
and yet His Hand is outstretched still.
Our Salvation awaits its appointed day
with the meshing of our spirits to His Will.

As long as we continue to breathe,
there's Hope for us to loving cl...

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Poem: For Your Review

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Once my earthly journey is complete,
humbly I'll stand before Your judgment seat.
So in advance I faithfully pray to have
a positive ruling for you to mete.

Grace and mercy carried me;
Your covering on my life you should see.
Hopefully You'll remember that I
promoted Your Kingdom for eternity.

Despite flaws and failures absurd,
hidden in my heart is Your Holy Word.
An attitude of lifelon...

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Poem: The Bridegroom Cometh

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Preparations by the Groom have been completed;
He joyfully awaits the day
that marks the remainder of eternity
when the Church shall be swept away.

He has created a wondrous place
where rows of mansions are perfectly aligned.
Angels will sing beautiful songs
announcing souls' arrival; including yours and mine.

Despite imperfections of His bride,
the Lord daily intercedes with heartfelt pr...

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Poem: Human Behavior

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It's hard to extol the merits of mankind
and to lavish excessive praise is insane;
recognize the gamut of vain emotion
and treatment of our brothers that's inhumane.

The natural nature of man is hardly good -
Proof is found in our vocabulary;
despite incredible accomplishments of this world,
poor relationships of man to extremes are still carried.

Our literature and news is littered
with ...

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Poem: If I Were...

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If I were...
truly illuminated, what would you see?
Could the brightness of Christ fully shine
and the persona of me disappear?

If I were...
gifted, in other unknown ways.
Would I be able to discover them
or would I choose to deny them anyway?

If I were...
blessed, beyond Earthly needs.
How much of myself would I be willing to share,
besides just money and possessions?

If I were...

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Once in a land faraway

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Once in land far away
Was a woman 
she knelt to pray
She prayed for a child who could be
The key to a new dawn of ages

The baby was conceived
Naturally of course
By union of bodies 
By lustful souls
The scrolls foretold the child would grow to be
A pawn in the game of prophecy

A peacemaker
A son of the goddess 
Most high
Her diamond ,glowing  bright in the sky
But there woul...

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Green and wherwell priory's cockatrice

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Born of a ducks egg
Hatched by a toad
The dread cockatrice uses wherwell priory as its abode
Don't be caught by its steely glare
Or be made into stone statue
If it catches you with it's eyes
So don't look run 
Or be overcome
It eats and causes destruction wherever it flies
So watch the skies with fearful eyes
But wait a man called green 
Seeks the four acre reward 
He polishes a pie...

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Human Warranty

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Etched into the soul's fine print
should be the motto "Handle with Care";
but Man's nature to ignore instruction
is manifested in Life's disrepair.

To have God's Word in written form
could be viewed as a "Human Warranty",
where divine ground rules for all
has abundance in the best that Life can be.



Author Note:

Learn more about me and my poetry at:


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Evening Sky

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Gazing into a starry night,
I see a deep indigo sky
with perfect placement of twinkling light.
Stars reveal the expanse of time
from before the birth of humanity;
their existence came from dynamic energy
which was created by spoken word
that no man has ever heard.
Solitary spirit of awesome might
painted this heavenly canvas
with a flick of His hand and uttered thought.
Divine creation ...

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Avoiding Hell?

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Have you sealed your fate
with the rejection of Him?
Accept Christ now
before your life wears thin.

For in permanent separation
there's no God or peace -
Only continual torment and anguish
without any comfort or release.

Alone in the dark
as fallen angels without light,
you too will become a demon creature
lacking hope of spiritual sight.

Forget about Purgatory,
but make a decision to...

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"The Dashboard Buddha Is Now A Godhead Of The Porsche"

Morning WOL's!!!

This is a fairly new piece, yet to be aired at Open Mic events.

I wrote it basically inspired by "The Fence", Tim Minchin's musical diatribe about 'dichotomies' in the world.

Not to ruin the mystique but I once had a long tedious conversation with a wealthy 'hippie' type in her local affable, bubble wrapped village. I was surprised to find out she was an atheist, she owne...

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Tags: attainment,Hot Contents,poetry,religion,rhyme,spoken word,wealth

"Totem Pole"

Blinking moondust, my blinkers are venetian

Tongues crooked, victim of the weekend

Head down, lap chaste, honorary beacon

Of light in miasm, a chasm asleep and dreaming

Shaking love handles with no inneundos teetering

Idols wash their hands in the decompression chamber

I knew myself, riverbed born, a complete mirror stranger

Wants for danger, a Wayne in a manger, bored with r...

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Tags: poetry,self-doubt,Spoken Word poetry,totem pole

PS I Love You

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On  August 1st 2011, my Grandad, Piotr Stankiewicz passed away in hospital. Once in a lifetime, you will have the pleasure of meeting someone so extraordinary special. Make sure you always let that person know you love them and cherish the moments you share together. He was a great father, a brilliant husband and a fantastic Grandad- but more than that. he was the most kind, considerate, caring...

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"Never Say Die"

I am the champion of sweet decline

The next in line at the taxi rank, screaming "OK, just drive!"

I am the salt of the earth in a coffee cup

The bitter grind of beans conjuror, abashed and unashamed

I am Lucifer's handiwork in Satanic robes

The earlobes in which you whisper sinister but sweet soliloquy

I am the reserved sign on an empty wedding reception table

The partially a...

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Tags: hot contents,never say die,poetry,self-deprication,spoken word

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