Thursday, Pt.2

The Prelude to the weekend

where people drink till the wee hours of the night

hoping to finally take flight away from the stress of the past three days.

Knowing that these moments never last forever

that is why families stay tighter than leather.

fly under any weather.

Distance is obsolete when it comes to this family

varying directions we may be in our lives,

yet when we r...

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The Back Bedroom

In the back bedroom,
between pillars of poetry pamphlets;
the canyon that echoes Chaucer and Poe.
Where last week’s crockery lies a fossil
and sedimentary layers of coffee show.
A wastepaper bin of crumpled first drafts,
waiting to erupt it’s potential.
Bed sheets blown over a notebook graveyard,
buried too deep to show their credential.
Crisp packets breed between clothes on the floor,

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Back on track in 2016

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Now that my Employment Tribunal Merits Hearing is over, giving me closure on a hellish year, my brain is finally free for creativity once more. Long may the poetry inspiration flow!


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Paws and snouts and whiskers and drool

And muscle and fur and eyes so sharp, kind and cruel

And light and strong and high in their jump

And eager and always hungry and always looking for more

And sleek and shiny and fast and then still

And smelling and sniffing and pushing and tearing


Playful and wanting and watching and rolling

And laying and nestling and warm and smelly


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(1941-2016. Jefferson Airplane)

Don’t you want…

Something different from those straight singers,
Fresh faced kids in suits or beach wear;
Something better than a Willy Loman future,
War in Vietnam and conscription;
Soldiers with guns on campus
And the politicians
The ones you wouldn’t…

Somebody to love…

Yeah she was a banker’s daughter
Oh man, but her voice

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What Are the Different Types of Love Poetry?

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We generally write love poetry to convey love which is experienced in different relationships. This includes romantic love, both unrequited and enduring, and love for a sibling or a parent can be expressed with love poems. Great poets have also used short true love quotes and poetry to express their emotion towards the great outdoors or a lovely pet. Love poems also might include a sonnet or rhyme...

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An Ode to Poetry

in the basement of our generation,
in dusty cardboard boxes,
between internet sensations
and society’s temptations,
there lies a voiceless cry,
immortal through the ages.
Like a vampire from its coffin
it rises from its pages,
haunts Monday morning English class
and dirty, hidden stages.
It changes our perspective.
Ignites emotional spark.
To blind eyes a flicker of light.

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Maybe Two

Maybe two


I’ll admit

I create stress for myself

even on vacation

I’m working on it 

“simmer down” they say

Am i that bad?

even the pope takes an angry shit right?

everyone has to worry about something

nothing but truth,

I’m not comfy unless I worry

I envy those who walk without baggage 

how do they do it?

I can make it a day 

maybe two

then she scr...

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Every day I wake up

Shake off the cobwebs

Stretch up skywards

Lay back down


Every day I make up

New reasons to have one

Two or three and then some

Never question why


Every days a struggle

Energy eludes me

You can see right through me

But the thing is I don’t care


Every day I look in

The mirror for my manners

My sallow skin remembers


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The army and fucking

The army and fucking



Folks just need to know

The army will get you shot

Why the confusion?

Commercials don’t impress me

guns are loud, and blood is depressing

héros are human

bullets are real 

Life is a deep breath you don’t wanna lose

young men with no options 

thanks for your death

I can buy contraception

from a man from a country who shot you

I s...

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Read Me!!

Read Me!!


Read me!

I’m different from all the rest 

these words will change you

stay with me

important info is to follow

the world is on fire

the mountains are moving

Susie has a gun

buy this, sell now!!

stay with me 

This is an interesting group of letters

people like you.

and me.

heartbreak and iTunes

Facebook and menopause

things to grab the ...

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Bleach and cork

Bleach and Cork



Darts, endless darts

a passion I never desired

guitar and words don’t heal the soul

no such luck for darts 


I saw a blonde haired woman in a van today

I needed cigarettes and human contact

Thanks to her for making my drive

I suspect she will stay in my mind all day


What if she had car trouble and broken dreams?

More importantly: who...

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Inspiration By W.J.Turner

Awakening to his moon tapping at the window,


or his tree or wild shadow, we rise as ghosts


and draw the curtain there to find his vision:


etched in silver shades, the architecture of dreams,


high into the sky between a mind and a planet


circling a million miles away…



From shallow sea hear melodies calling


mermaids surface too comely to h...

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A poem for Ashraf Fayadh

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Saudi courts, your rule of fear is finished
- the sentence on this poet negates your faith.
Your hollow incantation "God Is Great"
is plainly false if God can be diminished
by lines of verse. Should murder be admonished
to Ashraf Fayadh, forevermore his fate
will hold as evidence that you're afraid 
of poetry. Frankly I'm astonished:

astonished that a land so steeped in culture,
in li...

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A Winter's Walk In The Park

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Sickly branches spread out from the bodies of comatose trees,
And her feet fall on leaves that have died,
Paper-thin corpses at one with the ground frost,
With each step she feels that she might,
Fall through the earth and plummet for years,
Leaving Welsh winters behind,

Crystalline grass blades stand neatly under silver pink skies,
She follows where the gravelled path snakes,
Her concer...

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The lovely positive words of children

each one displayed on a tumbling leaf.

So poetry hits- an August heat 

to one mind. One must stand where one is put,

sea of golden fields to the horizon,

levelled, muddied, this world- all else a dream.

Blow along with cotton wool clouds, walking 

scarecrow for all the mind, led finally 

to a door. You recognise your own home.

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First posting

Was feeling emotionl and wrote this, it felt good. 


When your thoughts run away with you,

The thoughts of what could have been run from you,

Regrets, false memories just out of reach,

The power of imagination is pain,

The power of emotion pushed us to change.

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