A poetic object - Starry Clock by Jesse Glass

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My latest poetry review is published: http://leilaniestewart.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/a-short-play-starry-clock-by-jesse-glass-2/

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Poem: Draw Closer to God

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Draw closer to God
and He will draw nigh unto thee,
provided you’re willing to…
demonstrate actual honesty.

For He can always see
intentions written upon one’s heart.
Stop playing games and come clean;
otherwise, His Spirit may soon depart.

Jehovah transcends the boundaries of time;
So to Him, there is nothing new under the sun.
Start by freely accepting Salvation’s gift,

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Poem: Green Card

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Like many other Christians,
I’m living here on Earth temporarily;
ask to see my “spiritual green card” -
For my citizenship is with Christ’s eternity.

Being a stranger in a foreign land
makes me a heavenly ambassador,
serving a lifelong assignment
on a Godly pilgrimage as His sojourner.

Earth is not my final home -
For I strive to overcome temptations of Earth;
found in my id...

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Poem: Release the Songbird in Me

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O my Lord of mercy and grace -
I desire to write more spiritual verse,
while flying on your notes of blessings
and overcoming Mankind’s sin curse.

My heart’s singing of your joy,
as You feed me by Your hand
the fullness of Thy melodic Word;
thus enabling… my ability to understand.

O Lord, give flight to my words
while I’m attuned to Your Spirit –
May Your message reach wear...

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Anthology on Addiction

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The Whole Desolate Day, an anthology on addiction, is currently seeking submissions.

Send one to five poems/prose on addiction Deadline January 15, 2015 Reading fee:  $3 Publisher:  Little Lark Press

Please find full guidelines at:  http://littlelarkpress.wordpress.com/about/


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When Will You Come?

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Oh my Lord –

When will You come?
Will I be found, before my earthly life is done?

Will I experience Your Resurrection Power
and observe how sin You have conquered & devoured?

It’s a win-win scenario, for me, in any case –
As I long to see Your radiance, revealed at Heaven’s pace.

To enter Your gates with humble willingness
is real, knowing that I’m clothed by Your Righteo...

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Poem: Show of Hands

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Despite the differences of skin color
and our cultural upbringings,
we're more than brothers of Mankind -
Technically, we're kin.

Go to the mountain
preserved by ice and snow
where the revelation of Ararat's secret
is available for everyone to know.

For the ark's existence
proves the global flood story is true
and being our brother's keeper...
Is still a right thing to do.


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Poem: Drawn To You

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The softness of Your quiet voice
penetrates my spirit with utmost clarity –
For being drawn to you
comes more than naturally.

The constant woes of earthly cares
lack all meaning and worth
when I’m consumed by Your presence
and experience my spiritual rebirth.

Despite the magnificent beauty
of this planet’s garden fields,
I would willingly exchange it
for the brilliance that He...

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Poem: Captivated By The Light

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My inner desire is to be...
Free from the continuing burden
of my soul's carnality.

For I wish to be liberated
from the snares of sin's grip
and be forever emancipated.

Truly, I'm captivated by The Light
that shines eternally into my spirit
and erases my heart's love of Earthly delights.

Fulfillment of my life's emptiness
is only met by a spiritual purpose
with God's call to His H...

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The Rules

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Do not describe the sunset, regardless. Never
write about the buttery moonrise,
especially near the beginning: everyone
just switches off, and if they don’t
they should.

Do not mention war; any of the many.
Those possibilities are nothing to do with me.
They belong to others, to a family friend
who knows mountainsides blooming
great mushrooms of dust.

Everyone has had enough of tre...

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In Remembrance of Grandma - Poem & Background

Now that people are becoming more aware of my poetic efforts, interests are being expressed regarding the background of my poetry - in addition, to my spiritual muse. In this installment, I share the background and poem "In Remembrance of Grandma".

I recognize that most of you reading this article will not know much about my maternal Grandmother, other than what you're able to glean from this p...

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Poem: Dust (Humor)

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Those disembodied remnants,
Earthly remains of unknown souls,
are now assembled at my doorstep.
Having piqued my attention,
who are these unwelcome houseguests?
Loved ones or Nordic heroes
who were consumed in funeral pyres?
How old are these molecules
that have been forever scattered
during these past centuries?
Unwanted leftovers of human containers,
eaten by microscopic mites,

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Sincerely Molly

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Please don't go, leaving me up here all alone in the cold
Please don't go, no blanket, no hugs because your too "old"
Please don't go, too busy, too good, not childish enough for me to hold
Please don't go, I need you, my mommy, my sunshine my gold
Please don't go, I'm lost now, without you alone and covered in mold

You loved me, you held me until college came
Your boyfriend, your lipstick, you just wer...

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those were the days ..

 deep red eyes tell stories lips are afraid to speak 
 the lies and the worries that everyone's eyes are afraid to see 
 you hurt me 
 I say to myself every night trying to make the pain go away 
 but in reality the pain cuts deeper than a knife and I forget the words to say 
 you liar 
 seems to be better than realizing i had a part to play 
 seeing with my own eyes all of the evil ways 

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Poem: Human Matrix

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Forcing an alignment of corporate resources
for some theory of best fit correlation
doesn't work on Kingdom People
when using an unspoken method of tabulation.

If Life is about true spiritual growth,
then why do ministries attempt to pigeon-hole
not making any allowances for us
to develop, expand and break our current mold?

Despite multitudes of outcome possibilities
the Church seems ...

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Behind the Poem: Enoch

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Now that people are becoming more aware of my poetic efforts, interests are being expressed regarding the background of my poetry - in addition, to my spiritual muse. In this installment, I speak to a poem that ends in a direction, not initially considered...

I've attended Church services for more than 3.5 decades; as a youth, I was raised in a Baptist Church (in southern Maine). For those unfa...

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Behind the Poem: Evening Sky

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Now that people are becoming more aware of my poetic efforts, interests are being expressed regarding the background of my poetry - in addition, to my spiritual muse. One never knows exactly when the Spirit of God will move on your soul; fortunately I was paying a little bit of attention, one cold winter night...

I've been a member of the IT (Information Technology) community since June of 1981...

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When All The Laughter Stops

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When all the laughter stops, when it abides,
And all the tears of joy begin to dry,
When all the world looks up from aching sides,
And all the breathlessness allows a sigh.

A light, so brightly shining starts to wane,
But hidden out of sight, battles in vain.

When all the smiles are full, when they recede,
And straighten out into a furrowed frown,
When all the life in vibrancy concedes,
And from th...

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Poem: Experiencing God

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Experiencing God directly, is the way to go –
Be submerged in His Spirit, under His heavenly flow.
The lighted path to absolute freedom and peace
is accomplished from following Jehovah’s method of release.
The keys to Life’s issues are written in The Word;
open up your soul so the message can be heard.
God’s plan for your life will be ultimately revealed,
provided to Him you submit ...

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Poem: No Elaborate Pretense

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Please forgive the simplicity of rhyme,
for I wish to be clear and take my time.

It’s never been “pc” to be Christian in any century,
out of step with the World, in what ones does or sees.

Having ideals may make me seem pompous,
even though I have no desire to impress.

I’m attempting to follow a Heavenly Plan,
by being a godly steward and serving fellow Man.

What I write fr...

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Haikus: Exerpt #4 from: Hook, Line & Haiku

Breaching the surface
largemouth jumps up to see if...
It can hold its breath.

The pregnant fishes
lounge upon the riverbed
waiting to give birth.

Dancing smallmouth bass
pirouettes around boat
looking for handouts.

Learning never ends!
For even the fish will stay...
Forever in school.

Protective coating:
Slimy perspective to us;
Life saving to them.



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Haikus: Exerpt #3 from: Hook, Line & Haiku

Hasta la pasta?
Annoying filament knots
of spaghetti spools.

The squeals of delight
flow from all fishing children
with uncontained joy.

Sounds of spinning spools
always brings me much comfort,
for I'm not at work.

Floating down the stream?
Not a dream, after dropping...
A bag of bobbers.

In early morning
anxious fish are awaiting
the autumn school bells.




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Haikus: Exerpt #2 from: Hook, Line & Haiku

Lures, flies and spinners
provide variety for
multiple techniques.

Casting carefree lines
the sportsmen and women look...
For fishy hook-ups.

Moonlight over pines -
Adds a touch of elegance
to nighttime fishing.

Daytime sea trollers
combine leisure travel
and hands-free fishing.

The ignorant fish -
Unaware of keepers of...
Life's aquarium.


Author Note:


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Haikus: Exerpt #1 from: Hook, Line & Haiku

Cool flowing waters
cater me with plenty of...
Aquatic playmates.


Smallmouth and largemouth -
Either kind acceptable,
if they are landed.


Get them in the boat!
Fishing stories without proof
are just plain-faced lies.


Imitating bugs?
Fishing is an art form of...
Posing as insects.


The splashing fishes
are vying for attention
during school's recess.


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Poem: Enoch

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Enoch was a dynamic soul
who truly sought God’s heart;
as a result of revelation knowledge
being imparted unto him,
God plucked him from the earth
so that he was “no more.”
Since Jehovah is no respecter of persons
and there is “nothing new under the sun”,
then why do we know only of a single individual
who was transported to heaven in the same manner
without experiencing an ear...

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Poem: Matthew 19:26 (A Senryu)

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Impossible tasks -
Can not be achieved by Man,
but by God Himself!



Author Note:

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2009, All rights reserved.


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Poem: White Flag

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Years ago, while still a teenager,
a white flag in my heart I waved;
for I tendered a total surrender
to the Lord on the day I was saved.

From Salvation’s message properly explained,
my spirit easily recognized absolute Truth;
so my desire towards Christ was ignited
with acceptance of Him in my childhood’s youth.

Learning from others’ mistakes
and reading the Word with diligence...

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New Poetry Collection

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I have just released my third collection of poetry entitled "From A to Believe"


It can only be purchased via Lulu at the moment but will become available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble over the next few weeks

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Poetry Comes From the Heart

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Poetry comes from the heart and soul.

Whether it be serious or comic,

a short poem can speak volumes.

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Poem: Heavenly Invitation

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Written down is God's Word;
we are encouraged to be heavenly, joint heirs.
So examine His Word for Truth's proof,
for His wish is that 'we join Him there'.

Jehovah first gave of Himself,
breathing Life into Man's creation.
Now He is waiting patiently...
And anticipating a grand celebration.

Final merging of the family tree
are earthly souls and angelic beings;
hear the chorus of prai...

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Poem: Sunday Soldier

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At the end of yet another week,
weary soldiers are huddled behind church doors,
reminiscing about the recent past with outlook bleak -
Not knowing that Life can offer so much more.

Military plans for Earth's invasion are held
by the Kingdom priests, trying to comprehend
the message of scriptural persuasion
for bringing captive lives to Godly release.

Between berating and war counsel cr...

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Poem: Lasting Hope (sequel to New Age Spirituality)

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~~Satan is a defeated foe
although he continues to fight -
For we are more than conquerors,
as soldiers in God's army of Light.

His earthly authority has been weakened
since Christ now possesses the keys of Death and Hell;
so we're to prayerfully "stand in the gap"
as we in His Presence strive to dwell.

Our lasting Hope is embodied by Christ alone;
He died to prove His Love as a frien...

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Gerard McKeown - Farmer

My poem Farmer, which was published in Fire - Issue 26, is available to read at the online poetry library:


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My poem in The Open Mouse

Here's my latest poem, published in The Open Mouse, free to read online here:


And here's my latest blog post, on writing for money versus writing for fun:



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Diamond Dogs II

His desperation dances in the drizzle in the puddles in the potholes on the bridge
The layer after layer that gathers in his jacket is presented like a soggy badge of honour 
He stops to wipe his glasses on his shirt and then he listens as the River Don whispers at the sky
'round the cobbled curves of Kelham Island, they say the streets shape like a diamond
But don't let that de...

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Diamond Dogs I

Every time he takes another lap around the block
The drizzle soaks his jacket
Like a soggy badge of honour
Fuelled by devotion for this creature of the night
Her footsteps are as delicate
As Diego Maradona's
They say the streets are carved out like a diamond
And the lampposts leave a mustard coloured mist
On the darkened cobbled curves of Kelham Island
Full of missing persons
Never o...

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The Malevolent Mister Harris

Almost akin
To love's young couple
Playing picnic in the park
Only to find themselves
Adjacent to a greyhound
Who unapologetically
Curls out a steaming turd
Mister Harris finds that
Whenever he looks himself in the mirror
He's left only with begrudging acknowledgment
His deep dissatisfaction
At the image he's receiving
Infested by the fact
That there's fuck all he can do
As Nature

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I Once Fell in Love With a Communist Vegetarian (aka Lenin & McCartney) ☭

Providence Street
Like the blundering runt of a cumbersome litter
He's kicked out to the kerb
With nothing but an ill fitting Pringle knit
To distinguish him from a tramp
He's squints in bewilderment
And somehow manages to summon up
A stockpile of expletives
Passing paper boys prompt and provoke him
Prod away at his consciousness
Prick him into...

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A Life On Auction

John joins the ladies in the blue rinse brigade
The chuntering chorus of Rive Gauche girls
Quilted coats and clouds of magnolia
Deceptively sweet for the devilish tongues
When the tram arrives two minutes late
It's a funny old ride nowadays
Considering everything that's happened
Everything that's changed as his life passed by
And how it all looks destitute and...

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Tony's Slip, Part 2: Duck Egg Blue

It was barely three weeks after his dismal dismissal
As the Tynemouth Under 10s Assistant Manager
That Tony's wife Sandra finally parted with her patience
Not that she was particularly aroused by the thought 
Of Tony commanding a clipboard
In the Pin Point Recruitment Junior Football League
But on learning of his departure from the club
It became immediately apparent to all
To Tony, to Sa...

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Tony's Slip, Part 1: From Fifty to Free Fall in Thirty Seconds

From fifty to freefall in thirty seconds
It's twenty to seven on a Tuesday night
And Tony's ten minutes late
He checks his phone to assess the damage
But as it slips back in his pocket
He's already forgotten the time
He picks up the pace of a postman
Swiping the sweat from his brow
And flashing several sheepish nods
In the direction of his colle...

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It's A Cold Wind Down By The Don

He notices the tattoo on her hand
Which brushes her hair behind her ear
As she chuckles
At a tedious remark
Four white bread rolls
Semi skimmed milk
Orange juice with bits
Mayonnaise (on offer)
And eight bottles of San Miguel
All it took to illuminate
A tedious journey home
He falters three times
As Green Lane meets with Alma Street
At 10:59pm
Praying he'll convince her

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Old Ma Bull

Never realised how odd it'd be
To put my belt on whilst walking down the street
Until I put my belt on
Whilst walking down the street
It was odd
Garden gate gossips at 339 unimpressed
Then again
They were drying bottles for the recycling bin
With a tea towel

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10 Things That Maria Hears Before Closing Down The Launderette

1. The sorry pathetic clunk
From the blundering mechanism
of the third machine on the left
2. The contents of a coin bag
Dispersing an armada of coppers across the lino
Like frantic bodies running from a fire
3. A snippet of scandal
Eagerly escaping the cool chapped lips
Of a school girl sauntering past
4. The wrath and the fury of a malevolent Mister H...

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Broadway Circle

According to the A4 poster in the window
Alterations are now available
But last week, Mary collected a commemorative tea towel
After serving 20 years in the business
On Thursdays, the launderette shuts altogether
But still, Mary saunters in at 8:39am
After calling in at Premier for a paper and a scratchard 
Using the midweek break to do her own washing
As well as that of her 31-year-old s...

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When Kerry Met Betty (And Jean)

Standing on the 19th floor of a tower block
That any ounce of pity would've limited to 10
Kerry leans, forehead first against the doorframe, and resigns to familiarity
"That you heading out? Fetch us some baked beans and some fags, will yer!"
The same slobs that left him
With a slab of Lurpak and a clove of garlic
As his only options for breakfast
Are now ruthlessly demanding that h...

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The 11.23

Jean stirs her large skinny Mocha in a daze
She sees everything, hears everything
Smells the coffee and tastes the chocolate
But absorbs absolutely nothing
Her husband, always infuriated when offered milk in his Americano,
would sit there ranting into thin air;
Orchestrating an impromptu game of Subbuteo
with the crumbs from his Millionaire Shortbread
Ironically allowing hi...

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Fucking Council

united coincidentally by reluctant routine
separated mutually with secret understanding
our lives, five from seven, momentarily mirrored
avoiding acknowledgement (acknowledgement in itself)
neither could possibly break the silence 
 you lost weight; your hair grew; you smiled more
then they closed the path for road-works
and i never saw you again

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Jean's Reflection

oil paint, red wine, masking tape 
jars of murky water
easel, chair
and for her self portrait, a mirror
enraptured by the strokes upon the canvas
adding shine to the smooth bald head
elated during afternoon escape
but then Jean remembers who she's painting
and her brush hits the floor

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Two Little Ducks

the warming glass of prosecco, losing its fizz in the absence of any obvious celebration
fulfils its newfound role between the ornaments
mam snores softly on the sofa
ste joins the crowd beside the quay
maria, who sits watching fireworks through the window, sighs
and ponders on her 23rd year

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