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Street Mother

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After he had finished

using me

I bought some things

I know you will love,

my baby.


A rattle

a teddy

and doll.


In the morning

my precious little girl

I shall put some ribbons

in your soft hair


and more love in your heart

from mine.

The kind of love

no amount of money,or men

could ever buy.


Your precious smile

will be my rewar...

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Farm girl

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Flows faster than the wind.

Two tone projectile.

Speedily diminishing

any distance.

Works the fields

with almost human conscientiousness.

To her,the heights of any surrounding stone walls,fences

or five barred gates are insignificant.


You will never ever see tiredness or unwillingness

in her alert eyes

only the enjoyment of devotion,duty

and a keen readiness f...

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Incomprehensible conversation with bush mush

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He machine  guns his speech

through a facial cluster

of almost eye level growth


I can't speak for him unfortunately

but I am getting pissed off

having to say



excuse me?


I look for the opening

where his mouth should be.

If there is a row of teeth

that have come out of hiding

between what must be the uplifted corners of his lips


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True gypsy

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Child to woman

 of the road.


A life

smelling of woodsmoke.


Untamed wayfarer

wild as the wind

hard as rock.



of the old traditions.



unburdened by time

unwearied by inclement weather.


Steeped in the priority

of loving horses

and all things natural.


Vagabond follower

of the hearts directions.



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Coming to the dregs

You'll never change.

Its always going to be

business as usual.


Cruelly staining

every day

with your darkness.


Your bullying voice


besieges my ears.


With sad eyes

I look into yours

as one emptiness

looking into another



© Patricia Wilde 2015


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For you

I shall make a sugary sung present of myself

using the brightest voice you have ever heard

stolen from an angel


It will lead you through a wonderful dream


and won't be in the style of the past

set in cold braille and aspics of silence


but accompanied with triumphal music

bonded together

with honey tones and spice

and all things much more than ...

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Truth will out!

Now of mind

by time aligned

to accept and respect

the parallel of death.


Its breath,carrying and emptying

our echoes into infinite space

a place where wrong,long held beliefs may die

in a graveyard for myths and gods that lie!




© Stef Wilde 2015

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Mr Dark and I

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Struggling up hills

challenges my age

but poses no problem

for my insubstantial companion


He can manage it

lying down!

NO aching joints

or defiant lungs

in his fleshless

boneless form


there again,

HE would find it easy

that voiceless negative of me

since it is I

who is obliged

to keep him in tow.


Despite the fact

that at present


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Water music

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Thunderous orchestrations.

Whispering adagios.


Blue green

liquid compositions


Played upon

golden grained keyboards.




© Patricia Wilde 2015

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advanced future inhabitants.

Ultimately perfected.

Destined to exist far beyond

the suns demise.

Impenetrable to emotion.

Killer of deaths authenticity.


When we are finally exiled forever

to non existence

and returned to being just another failed experiment

in the mind of our enigmatic creator

from which we came


then so wondrous will be

the s...

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Death of a gang member

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His crying out

only adds more ugliness

to the scene

and becomes

a self made requiem.


With chaos

in his dying eyes

and bullshit heroism gone

he is discovering

how pathetic it was

to think false bravado alone

provided invincibility.


There was never going to be

a medal for your savagery to others.

This is your inevitable prize

the blade you thoug...

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The Christmas Truce Cup

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Tommy United and Hun City

had left

their nationalities behind

in the trenches.


There were no universal words to share

but on the neutral pitch

the roundness of the ball

spoke with a common language.


They had no need

to keep score.

Both sides won,

an equal,albeit temporary,

reclamation of defiant brotherhood.



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