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Degna Stone is a Midlander is self-imposed exile. She visited Newcastle for the summer in 1999 and never managed to go home. She's a regular performer on the North East spoken word scene and won a Northern Promise Award for her poetry in 2010.

ID on Tyne Press published her chapbook Between the Floorboards in 2010.


How to Avoid Giving Unwanted Advice

Hold your tongue still with your teeth.
Feel the sharp white line press down
until it threatens to draw blood.

Slip into the silences
until your head is submerged
resist the urge to surface for air.

Place your advice in a room of mirrors,
consider it from all angles
as it puts on the finishing touches.

Swallow rhetorical questions whole,
dissolve in stomach acid without reply,
and even then, don't wait for a pause

wait to be asked.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.


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J. Otis Powell!

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Wed 28th Sep 2011 23:43

Ironically your "advise" comes in handy as I read poems on this web site. Thanks.
J. Otis

Jules Clare

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Fri 21st Jan 2011 09:59

Hello Degna. This is Jules. I saw you in action the other night. My book has been published and has sold 25 copies. I am gigging in Newcastle Library in March. I am on radio Teesdale's Book Show next Wednesday. I am alos an exiled Midlander. 23 years. and I love it. Talking of which I have written a poem called that so I will put it on my blog now.

Winston (Admin)

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Wed 19th Jan 2011 19:22

Hi there Degna and a warm welcome to WOL. Hope you enjoy taking part in WOL and find something of interest on here, Winston

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